Steam Deck - the best mobile console so far? ☠ Grim Dawn Xbox port sales?

Who would like to try Grim Dawn on it besides me? I’m a mobile consoles enthusiast since GameBoy
and would love to have a machine like that, especially since it’s open to software like a normal pc / laptop.

And also not a scam like Smach Z :laughing:

i don’t personally understand the obsession with portable/handheld gaming, and looking Steam’s prices i thought it even more absurd
then i remembered the steam machine, and thought to myself “surely this wont just be another overpriced hardware box that wont hold up”
idono, i’m never really excited when Valve does stuff with hardware or peripherals :man_shrugging:, but i hope the people that buy in on it will be happy with their purchase

Prices… for the hardware these things are running at the prices they are… lol? The Steam Machines were also mostly decently priced… the only reason those never went anywhere is because any PC gamer could simply take their existing system and slap SteamOS on it and call it a “Steam Machine” - why buy something new when you already own one?

This is very different from a Steam Machine.

I can also guarantee you, unlike the Steam Machines these are already selling like crazy with pre-orders. You won’t find anything else handheld with the juice to play the latest games at this price AND it is completely open. Install any software, any OS you want. You’re not being restricted. It’s a full-blown handheld PC.

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this time you get to take it with you :smile:

idono, like i said i don’t get the obsession with handheld gaming, so for me it’s just an overpriced tablet :man_shrugging:
looking at what it’s competing with, the switch, it’s also not like it’s cheap. And what gets me the most is the storage, it’s a “pc”, that means PC gaming and pc gaming installs, 64gb feels like spitting in the face of people to me at 400€, congratz, you now have a handheld pc that can install “no” games/only indies because game sizes gets worse and worse each year

like i said, i’m never excited for when valve does hardware/peripheral stuff, doesn’t hurt tho, since i’m likely not their target demographic

that wouldn’t surprise me the least, considering how “everyone else” seems to like the portable gaming concept since decades past, i can only imagine the spiel about getting a “nintendo switch” but with PC performance being a good lure to attract the handheld crowd

The problem I see is, valve doesn’t have a good track record with hardware. The problem is, how long will this new craze last? a year or two, and valve may drop them all together. Certainly not for me, and I’m unconvinced of the future of the device, again considering Valves track record with hardware.

Now if their hardware was more successful, and better supported, then I might shave said something different. But I guess its wait and see and how long before it gets chucked in the bin with the last hardware valve game up with.

It’s not that much different than what other consoles released with in the past.

And I dunno what their target demographic is, if there even is one… it must be me tho because the moment I heard about this yesterday I only had one question… can I install any OS on it that I want or are they trying to do a locked ecosystem? No? I can install anything? Well, I’m fucking sold.

The Switch was surely an amazing thing when it first released but gawwwwwd being locked in to just Nintendo shit… ruined the vibe of it all. The Steam Deck just packed a full, fairly powerful gaming PC into a handheld, and said you can install whatever the fuck you want on it.

They just knocked that shit out of the park. Sorry but it’s the simple truth. You want more storage? 250 bucks more for a 500GB’s… 650$ even is a good price for this device. Or you can just plug an external SSD into it… or microSD’s - get a stack of em if you want, holding your entire library.



Which hardware tho? Pretty sure Steam Controllers were well-liked… and I’ve only ever heard about how much people apparently love those Steam Links.

Either way it goes… i felt it in my gut right away that this one just completely rearranged the game for them on that front. There are masses of people fighting to get thru the congestion to pre-order on Steam right this moment.

people that don’t mind handhelds, obviously :sweat_smile:

like i said, that’s where it drops me off already before anything else
i’d normally agree with matthew on valve v hardware, but since this is basically the most powerful “3ds” on the market currently, and handheld gaming has been highly popular since the 90s (if not before?), i don’t think this is like a Valve VR etc that’s just gonna “poof” and nobody knew it existed
i think it might just be possible Valve gets to make bank on a non CSGO product for once :laughing:
who knows maybe it turns out it’s so powerful and easy to use someone buys a truckload to make a supercomputer cluster to hack and control ICBMs with :wink:

Shit - I intend on using it as both… all day long.

To me the appeal is that it’s a powerful convertible that I can use as either/or - at my whim. And for a crazy low price. Sure the lowest option ain’t the greatest on storage. I can’t blame them tho - they just moved mountains to put a gaming PC into your hand at an insanely low price. I’m wondering at this point if they are even making much of a profit selling these.

Quad-core, 8 threads @3.5GHz and they crammed in 16GB’s of RAM… it’s madness. And I for one love that they did this and said “locked ecosystem”? What is that? French? :smiley:


Well you had the steam machine, the VR headset, heck even elite dangerous is now dropping VR support.

then again, I also consider VR to be very niche.

And lets not forgot that valve has dropped support and selling the steam link.

If this is successful, then fair enough, but again, how long will Valve support it for, and then decide it will no longer support it? I’m certainly not getting one. But if its selling like hot cakes, then fair enough.

Well, like I noted above - I don’t count Steam Machines… and for the reasons I mentioned up there. That was just a bad move destined to go nowhere because of those reasons. When they first released them I was initially interested a bit and then I thought about it and said, wait… they are just smaller PC’s with SteamOS… I can just install SteamOS on my computer and it is now a Steam Machine - and right at that point is when I was like well, I guess it’s cool that you made a custom Linux distro, Valve, but honestly - there isn’t a whole lot of incentive for PC gamers to actually buy a PC when they already own one.

But a full handheld PC, well, that’s an entirely different matter.

I kinda feel that as far as these go - they are going to do well enough that they will probably continue making new ones. People like to compare them to the Switch but what they actually did was just rearrange the landscape on PC’s. Maybe I’m crazy and seeing something else noone else is but from where I’m sitting Valve just fucked up the competition, which is apparently everyone that is not them.


2022, Epic Games announces the handheld Epic Launcher, a handheld device shaped like a rocketlauncher from Fortnite, comes preinstalled with Epic Games Store and Fortnite, and you can play Fortnite on it and get a free social creditcosmetic every thursday, - shopping cart and basic features pending/to be added later


Linus and them discussing the Steam Deck - they troll on the name a bit because there is apparently another popular device called the Elgato Stream Deck that Steam’s choice of name conflicts with a bit, causing confusion etc. Otherwise, as expected he is impressed with what is going on here with the Steam Deck. As anyone in their right mind should be :wink:

Lol at one point Linus comments about someone else he had read that tried to comment that they needed to drop the price a hundred bucks to make it affordable and attractive… his reaction is the reaction I would have had: “Are you kidding me? This is a full computer… for $400 dollars”

^Personally, I would also append that as a “full gaming computer”

And he’s right. Anyone that can’t grasp that is out of their ever-loving minds. There isn’t a chance in hell you can get anything with as good of performance for this price… and is handheld. And functions basically as a convertible you can instantly take on the go or turn into your actual desktop PC.


IGN did another vid on it - this time the two guys that went to Valve and got hands on with the device are talking to two that didn’t. I find it kind of interesting that Bo Moore, IGN’s Executive Tech Editor was floundering kind of badly when discussing Linux and it was clear he was a little lost on the topic. Which I find a bit weird in a self-professed tech guy.

Perhaps it’s time for Bo to shore up that deficiency.

In one part he’s like “and SteamOS which is built on Proton which is a form of Linux” :smirk: … and I’m like, no Bo. That’s not at all what it is. SteamOS 3.0 is built on Arch Linux, which is a form of Linux. Proton is simply the compatibility layer that Steam (the client) uses on Linux to run Window games - which is the simple version of that particular story.


But it is sure we’ll can play “grim dawn” on the steam deck (with proton) ?

The game works with Proton, whether it’ll work with Proton on Steam Deck remains to be seen.

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Thanks for the Quick answer.
Does the xbox version available before the steam deck on december…? I hope.

No idea, still waiting on Crate to hear back from MS on the certification.

Basically you can be “reasonably” sure that it will. It currently does work with Proton, period. At this point tho Crate doesn’t “officially” support Linux in regards to Grim Dawn (to my knowledge) and I don’t really expect them to do so.

However, when Proton first arrived Grim Dawn did not work with it - Crate decided to toss Linux/Proton a bone however and make the necessary changes needed for it to run via Proton. There is also at least one other instance where a later issue had cropped up that was Linux/Proton specific and Crate went out of their way (as far as I’m aware) to resolve it.

This of course comes with the caveat that, no, officially they do not support it. But I suspect as long as any issues that arise aren’t too complex or time-consuming it’s possible they might at the very least take a stab at it based off their past actions. But they are under no obligation to do so.

My personal take in regards to the Steam Deck is, as long as Grim Dawn continues to work currently with Proton, then I can see no reason that it wouldn’t also work on the Deck, unless there is some unknown issue with its hardware we can’t foresee.

Regardless, the Steam Deck is a PC and Valve is advertising it as a PC and advertising it as a device that you can do anything on it as you would any other PC, which means you can literally wipe SteamOS off the device and install Windows if you wish to have full native Windows support for GD.


A pretty good article, also the comments section is worth reading.

Not all seem to think that the steam deck will be a success. And I also agree that the basic edition with 64gb storage is pointless. I still think it will be a flop at the end of the day. especailly the storage issues. Also for many games, keyboard and mouse is still the best way to go.

Another issue, not all PC games are also optimised that well, so a poorly optimised game will run horribly on the steam deck. Again, I just have too many doubts, and valve may end up ditching it in a few years.

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