Steam Deck - the best mobile console so far? ☠ Grim Dawn Xbox port sales?

But what if they did? Since it’s an actual PC it doesn’t really matter, if they “ditch” it. And anyway, Steam Controllers are still usable. Steam Links are still usable. Jus’ saying.

Some people keep trying to point toward them leaving those behind but I really haven’t seen any compelling reason that it truly “matters” that they did. Is it just because people are mad that they ain’t making a Steam Controller 2 or a Steam Link 2? I really want to know… why does this matter at all?

Pretty much as long as the hardware does what it’s supposed to do what else do you need? Steam depends on the games on its platform… not much else. And the Steam Client is regularly updated. As for SteamOS itself, I don’t imagine it will be that much harder for them to toss it some regular updates once in a while. And don’t like SteamOS? Cool. Just slap on Windows then I guess.


can’t replace it if it breaks? :man_shrugging: tho i’m guessing it only is a bummer for someone that really loves the controller

I guess maybe. How long are warranties on similar devices anyway? I can’t see them not honoring any warranty it comes with regardless if they stop production or not. Rarely do I care about such things tho but that’s just me - I have a pretty long history of quickly “voiding” any warranties of devices I get, well, particularly phones, since I like them rooted and able to have custom ROMS installed on them etc.


The Verge got some hands on time with the device now…

I guess take your pick as it appears that Valve brought in many journalists this time…

Even Linus got in on it…

Linus will probably be the best bet as far as determining capabilities - it already sounds like he’s trying to stress test it as much as possible.

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