[Steam] Pet Achievement

I’ve tried to summon 18 pets and I did so. My Build is Necro/Shaman, and I spawned:

8 Skeletons
Blighted Rift Scourge (amulet)
Hysteria’s Crab (relic)
Wind Devil (two of them)
Storm Totem (two of them)
Wendigo Totem
Conjure Primal Spirit
Blight Fiend

So, is it a bug or should it be unique pets? Or do pets that scale with player don’t count? I am not into playing summoners, I just made one a while ago and I play it like one hour a month because I find them kind of boring.

push I still haven’t figured out how it works.

9 skeliebros (get a wardens verdict)
Primal instinct (3 swarmling things)
Invocation to chaos (3 voidfiends)
hellhound/ primal spirit
reap spirit wraith
wil 'o wisp
Kasparov’s crystal

So pets that scale with player bonusses don’t count?

As far as I remember yes. I did try first on multiplayer though and it did not work with others player pets, I guess they fixed it already. Tried with a couple of thermite mines and totems too but no. I only managed to get the achievement after playing a cabalist!

Are there enough items giving pets in the game that you can summon manually to do it? I know several items that spawn pets, but they’re not able to be called on command. And if so can you hit buttons fast enough to do with anything other than a Cabalist?

i got by pure luck…how?
when in MP games and you are not the host and you have like 170 Ping you can double cast skills…
with shaman and myth stromreaver to -2s cd stormtotem and also with wind devil and wendigo totem i got it just by doublecasting without even knowing at first and wil 'o wisp and Kasparov’s crystal

There are enough for a cabalist:

9 skeletons (wardens verdict)
1 blight fiend (or up to 3 with enough cdr and the mutator)
1 hellhound (2 with full lost souls set)
1 raven
2 reap spirit wraiths (at lvl 17+ or 3 with full diviner set)
1 relic pet (hysteria or dirge of arkovia)
2 rift scourge (myth blightshard amulet)
1 kasparov crystal

This is not even close to all possible ones, just off the top of my head.