Anyone playing Stellaris? A few times I was tempted to try my hand at multiplayer but after the change from Planetary Tiles to the new system I went from “knew what I was doing” to “er… what am I doing?”.

Multiplayer is still tempting though :stuck_out_tongue:

Stellaris is the most boring paradox game I`ve ever played. SP is horrible - AI is dead, economy is broken, research is broken, combat system is broken. Basicly, nothing to do in the game past early exploration.

IMHO it’s not that bad… Well the AI could be more fine tuned. But I’ll admit the game can be boring by way of lacking clearly defined end goals (beside conquering the galaxy) so you end up stumbling around clicking mindlessly, unless you set them for yourself.

IMHO, its THAT bad. MoO2 is lightyears ahead of Stellaris in every possible way. :eek: I found it funny that 25 years ago we had a working AI that understood the game mechanic and now we have Stellaris and HOI4 with Ai that manage to starve itself to death with 400% bonus to everething. :rolleyes:

I have more hours in this than GD by steam and still try to play it occasionally, but current iteration was implemented very poorly and failed most of its goals. Paradox development cycle doesn’t promise any relief to this either, they are normally more inclined to release new content than fixing bugs. Maybe they will do something to improve it in half year. They couldn’t in the past 3 months.

Don’t think its boring though, constant changes make it less boring than, say, GD. The moment they stop its active development though… It might dissapear quickly and forever.

Stellaris can really fun on multiplayer, but i never got back to it when they made the new system.

also its pretty time consuming, so it requires a lot of time when playing multiplayer

Also a dedicated group for a multiplayer is needed, that can play at the same time. That is more of a hassle than the pure game play time requirement I think.

That’s why I hadn’t played multi so far. Although if someone is interested, my Steam ID is exactly the same as my forum name :stuck_out_tongue:

i used to play stellaris alot…


I got almost every dlc… but one day i decided to contact support because every new patch kept breaking my save games and because other food issue i had… i try contact support, theres only a forum… i waited more then 2 weeks for awser that i actualy got from a comunity member…0 awser from paradox… this from a company that charges for every little dlc… gives almost nothing for free… so im kinda done with paradox… not seing my money ever again…