Step by Step for Mastery??

Hey hey
last weekend i have tried the modding tool of grim dawn. I just want to add my own mastery.
I spend about 10 hours to get a database, but then there are millions of tables and so on, i have no idea how to add a mastery.

I have downloaded the Tutorial to add a mastery, but i have no clue how i can start this tutorial, cause its just a database and a resource folder.

Now i´m looking for a step by step tutorial how to add a mastery, change/add a skill and its levels and how i can start the game with this.

I read the tutorial in the forum, but i cant get any infomation from this.
My english is not so well. :undecided:

The “Modding Tutorial” is indeed just a project covering several topics from the Modding Guide (and a new Mastery). It’s fairly straightforward once you get a hang of how the game is built up, really. But you’ll need to be creative.

The steps to creating a mastery are simple:

  1. Create a skill from skill*-templates
  2. Create a training progression skill_mastery template
  3. Associate both in a skilltree template
  4. Create UI buttons from the skillbutton templates
  5. Associate these with your skill and training database files, respectively
  6. Create a training bar from the bargraph template
  7. Create a UI skill table from skillpanectrl template and associate your buttons in it
  8. Associate the skill table in the class UI mastertable
  9. Associate the skilltree in both malepc01 and femalepc01

You can find all these files in the modding tutorial under records/skills/playerclass07 and records/ui/skills/class07 (also records/ui/skills for the mastertable and records/creatures/pc/* for the malepc01 and femalepc01). Examine these files closely. Try to understand how they work together, and why they are needed.