Steps Of Torment: Hidden Cave 'Invisible Boundary' Bug

Build: Grim Dawn 1.2.0.
Area: Steps Of Torment

Problem: After breaking cave-wall to enter this hidden area, character was not able to enter the hidden-cave area like there was still an ‘invisible boundary’ even though the wall had been broken.

Link To Build (I know it could be better, don’t judge me ;P): Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
…↑ Wanted to provide this in case one of the many AoE Purifier skills breaking the cave-wall somehow caused the bug.

EDIT: Same thing happened further into the dungeon at the hidden area in “Pain”:

In-Game Screenshot:

Just to have the extra data point for purposes of comparison, I did not have any problems entering this hidden area in the “Misery” area:

In-Game Screenshot:

…↑ this makes me think the bug may be caused by one specific (but currently unknown) damaging ability that I’m using on my Purifier – I.e. if the problematic damaging ability is what breaks the wall, maybe that’s what prevents entry? But if the wall gets broken by any other damaging ability, maybe I can enter just fine? (Either that, or the problem is specific to the (2x) hidden areas mentioned above).

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Unfortunately we’ve never been able to reproduce how this happens, but it appears to be extremely rare.

For some players, simply leaving the area and returning can often get the blockade unstuck.


No problem, it’s a pretty minor bug. I can update the post if I figure a way to repeat it intentionally.

This one one of the “bugs” that I don´t even notice anymore.
What usually works is indeed moving the character a bit, until the area is off screen, and then returning.

Try this next time, no need to bother with an update, I am 100% sure that no one at crate will want to invest time (=money) trying to fix this. It´s not game breaking, really. :wink:

Certainly not saying it’s game breaking or warrants spending time to fix ; just sharing a data point is all.

Damn it, I thought you guys would have been able to capture it happening by now, guess it’s one of those annoyingly rare edge cases that’s effectively a heisenbug in all but name.

And for me, I run it into semi-regularly and I’ve found just moving over a screen so it’s out of view fixes it if I’, somewhere I can’t portal out of.