Steps of Torment - Single Rare Central?

Has anybody else run into the issue that Steps of Torment past the Gates of Anguish seems to be the official Single Rare Central of Grim Dawn?

Over several different runs of Steps of Torment over several different characters, I am consistently running into the phenomenon that over a third of the rare items (green) that drop are single rares, so just the one green attribute, no magic attribute at the other end of the item.

Just finished doing the Steps of Torment quest for Anasteria with a Veteran sorceress, and the tally was thus:

54 green items with rare + magic
39 green items with single rare
6 yellow items with single yellow attribute

A previous run with a different character netted a result of 28 single rares and 7 single magics and on that run I didn’t do a count of the total numbers.

Screenshots attached.

Seems to me something is seriously broken about the Steps of Torment loot drops, because I do not get this crappy ratio of single rares ANYWHERE else in the game.

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Getting a definite but slightly lesser vibe of Single Rare Central also from Bastion of Chaos:

Excluding double magic monster infrequents, here’s the breakdown of green items:

1 double rare
90 rare + magic
24 single rare

And again that was AFTER the skeleton key gate. Before the skeleton key door, the frequency of single rares was a lot lower.

Remains to be seen how Port Valbury turns out for this character, but Steps of Torment and to a lesser extent the Bastion of Chaos seem to have an inordinately high rate of single rare drops.

That actually makes farming these skeleton key dungeons far less attractive than just going in search of totems.

Would like to hear if anyone else has made similar observations. I know one of my friends has the same experience on his own single player games over several characters and it has also happened every time we’ve played multiplayer, regardless of who hosted.

It seems that either the powers that be were aware of this issue or they read this thread and did something about it, because according to the newest patch notes the issue has been taken care of and thus this thread is obsolete. Either way, excellent! :grinning: :+1:

Never underestimate that all-seeing eye of Zantai’s. :upside_down_face: