Stop lvl 84 MIs dropping at lvl 100 Ultimate? please?

this is just, frustrating, why is it even a thing still?
it feels like such a waste when you spend couple hours farming something and get an inventory full of MIs; and not a single one is lvl 94 :triumph:

is it an engine/drop table limitation?, or can we get monsters scaling high enough in lvl when player char is lvl 100 on Ultimate, that they will only drop their lvl 94 variant?


(genuinely curious why MC monsters doesn’t scale higher when we’re max level on Ultimate ? :thinking: )


Yes, please increase the monster level

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Can you give an example where this occurs? I’m farming MIs with lvl 100 chars on Ultimate all the time and never got a lvl 84 MI drop :man_shrugging:
Maybe this only happens with specific base game MIs?


I was farming for Barthollem’s Warmauls a couple of days ago and noticed I got a level 92 drop, which is kind of lame bc it has less weapon damage. Was playing on beta but I assume the bug has been around for a while.

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Kind of offtopic but i see that meter target area mod to Censure is intentional because people have brought it up in the past but it’s still there. lol

Also yes, getting a level 92 version is a bigger kick in the balls than getting a level 84 because you just missed it by two levels.

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It’s not a bug unless I’m missing something :thinking:

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aye, i believe it only happens on monsters lower than level 106 (according to GT)
was doing some casual sandspitter, grobble, scarab running and the early chunks where there are plenty of them they happen to be about level 100
same has happened other places where you try farm a boss on ultimate that isn’t scaled that high, above example of Purlpo’s with Barthollem is a good one for instance

basically seems like monsters arent scaled “high enough” on the first half of the game on Ultimate at lvl 100 - unsure if this is a mistake or intentional because drop table depend on it in order to be able to drop lvl 82-84 endblues and -purples?? and MIs are just collateral dmg ?

I’m also seeing low level weapons being sold by the MI vendor in Steelcap District. Seems to affect the shields and off-hands too. Again, I’m playing on the beta build but I’m assuming this occurs on the main version as well.


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i even got a lvl 84 MI helm, with a 94 affix, from shattered realm cash out, i’ve not paid attention to this previously, and makes me wonder how often that has happened before :thinking:

base helm is lvl 84 you can tell by the armor rating according to GT, prefix is lvl 85 and suffix is lvl 94 making it appear like it’s a 94 MI when in fact it’s just 84

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Hah, I’m surprised this is being brought up only now! I was “struggling” with this, well, since forever, but I wasn’t sure if there’s an actual issue in the first place. I mentioned a similar problem here: [] Bastion of Chaos and Port Valbury vendors are still missing some items

It was about RL vendors selling both lvl 84 and 94 items. It got fixed. As for regular MI drops, I think it’s not “just” level dependant. Like, a monster has a “slot” which can containt two variants of an item (like Nemesis bosses drop either of their two MIs) - one being lvl 84 and the other is lvl 94. Hell if I know why lvl 84 version is needed when you’re already lvl 100, though.

And it’s worsened by the fact that the base item can be lvl 84, but affixes on it are lvl 94, which obviously results in lvl 94 item. That’s why it’s harder to detect. The only proper way to do that is to look on item’s physique/cunning/spirit reqs and/or base damage/armor.

Yeah, imagine getting a double rare MI just to learn it gives you the same or even less damage than a single rare one you already have. Ain’t that a bitch?

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Never realize that there is a lvl 94 suffix, yellow usually have 85-90 range while green have 90-92 requirement. I think all those 26 magic suffix should be changed to lvl 90 to make it easier to separate the 84 and 94 item

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OK that might explain why I’m only seeing lvl 94 MIs. I never really paid attention to the base item stats since it didn’t occur to me this was even possible. I wonder how many actual lvl 84 MIs with lvl 94 affixes I got in my stash…

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Yes, this happens. It is how drops have been designed in the game; the level range of drops and equipped items of enemies is very large. It makes farming of MI take longer and you need to check the item base stats to verify the level 94 version dropped.

A simple solution to the problem is raising the level of monsters such that the drop range excludes the level 84 items as a possibility.

You can see for yourself btw on grimtools monster database by editing monster level and checking the loot tab. e.g - A Dermapteran Sentinel needs to be level 106 to stop dropping a level 84 slicer, but a 106 Sentinel is not possible I think.

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to make matters worse, or hammer through that this RNG nightmare is intended?;
there is a “couple” of monsters, that scale to 106, but keeps their lvl 84 MI drop variant until lvl 110 :confounded:
why… (and browsing GT seems like there is no apparent consistency for this :dizzy_face:)

if intended it seems like really unnecessary layer of extra frustration RNG :pensive:

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