Storage cart

How does the storage cart suppose to work? I don’t see anything about them in the help guide

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It’s just your starting storage area. It will continue to be used unless you untick all the items in it so no more will be put into it. You can move it around if it’s in the way.

You can also build other storage carts if you want, but stockyards and storehouses are probably better to have in the long run as they can be upgraded.

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I see fantastic possible uses for multiple storage carts, if only we could direct villagers to empty them. Deselecting an item and putting the cart closer to the building that uses the item then stores/other item producers will slowly empty them, over several years …

But for seasonal use, or moving building materials to a new housing area or wall area … they would be golden. Maybe because I’m an ex-farmer who used the trailer option off the tractor a lot … Its a utility trailer! Or in other places, its the donkey cart. You use it to move the heavy stuff on the one time hauls. Not like the wagonner who is more like a trucker that moves regularly produced heavy goods.

But since it is too fiddly to select for load/unload … right now its just “the wagon they came in”.

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Thanks for the info guys