Storage full when not full

A number of my storage buildings are showing a storage full warning icon when they still have a bit of room left.

They usually show “full” at 90% capacity. It’s a warning only and the messaging could be improved to show that.

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You have over 2700 wood in storage… so your storage is full.
The limit is 3000.

I have another one like the one in the screenshot, if that’s what you mean?

Is that one also full?

A bit more full, 2900. With the new production limits you can push resource overflow around the settlement to where it’s needed, pretty nifty.

Don’t ya just love editing? lol

So the answer to the original question is that the storage is full and that was why you were getting the storage full icon showing… just build more storage.

I personally think that they should be able to hold more… but thats just me.

It wasn’t full though, 2700/3000. I think Perdrix was correct. I wasn’t asking a question, this is a bug report lol. Editing?

Yeah, the warning is like the well being dry(ish) warning: the wording should be flexible in that when the actual limit is reached/surpassed then the “full” wording should be used, but when it’s within the almost-but-not-quite-full range then the tip wording should be different and indicative of being near to capacity.


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