Storm Devil Druid - 170 crusher. Not able to kite like fluff in 170? Not a problem

Huge shoutout to x1x1x1x2 for taking the time to help me out with this spec.

GT link:
YT video:


You know what’s fun?

5 storm totems. 3 wind devils. And 3 storm shards.

Dats right. I’m packing HEAT.

Most likely subconscious overcompensation on my end, but what can a man do?

Not gonna go through the whole offence/defence spiel I usually do because I’m tired af. Might slap it out one day if I feel like it though.

But essentially, the biggest defensive tool available to this build is that it’s essentially a pet build.

We can kite while our summons slap nems silly.

Alternate gearing options
What I’ve shown in the link is BiS’d stuff. But seriously. The rolls don’t matter whatsoever. It’s not going to make or break the build in any way shape or form.

You can also go wind devil heavy by running:

  1. a yeti horn
  2. trozan starkeeper
  3. Conduit with wind devil modifier

I personally chose storm totem because it does purely lightning damage.


  1. Eldritch & ascendant crossroad --> Quill, Hawk, --> Remove eldritch crossroad
  2. 3 nodes into crown (Bind to Wind Devil)
  3. Chaos & primordial crossroad
  4. Eel, widow (Bind to chain lightning)
  5. Viper, Hawk, Sailor’s guide, Solemn watchtower
  6. Aeons (Bind to transmuted Callidor’s)
  7. Spear of the heavens
  8. 3 nodes into dying god.

Wind devil build, hah :slight_smile:

Why did you run 2 aetherstorm seals? I would’ve thought 6% OA is worth not hardcapping raging tempest.

That’s indeed tonns of heat, brother.

Neat devo setup, squeezed eeeveryting in it it seems.

One thing I don’t understand is Mythical Flux band ring, from your char sheet it doesn’t do much except casting speed.

Also, you gotta be more generous with that 10/10 nullification. Cast it on fat hero packs and on most bosses, it nullifies a lot of their defensive stuff making them melt much faster.

It’s 71 flat and -2% RR, bro :stuck_out_tongue: And I like to have my main skill hardcapping.
But if you like OA/DA way that’s for you :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, cast speed increases the rate at which storm totems attack.

Or at least I think it does. Could be attack speed though…can someone help me verify this?

@Korsar: It’s 23 flat damage and 1% RR because you can get 21/22 raging tempest. :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont quite understand why you even have time dilation in this build… mirror is the answer but w/e mannnnn

also why the hell 14/12 mirror :smiley:

i like your creativiy overall but defensive time dilation usages and mirror things make me extremely sad tbh :frowning: :slight_smile: i am pretty sure you are capable of doing more than this

Aeon’s to reset mirror because I don’t have heals. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the 1st 5 nodes in aeon’s are just so damn good.

What would you do instead? I’m open to any suggestions. :slight_smile:

The build is so easy on points, I took 14/12 mirror for a shorter cooldown.

Don’t think any stat increases Totem’s attack rate, you might be thinking of Storm Box which I think can scale with casting speed.

Doesn’t it scale with player bonuses though?

i know your answers already :slight_smile:

you create cool builds with good ideas&concepts, but whenever i read your caster guides all i see is ‘double mirror’, looking other one again ‘double mirror’ cmon man.

i love 5 nodes leading to time dilation proc esp slow and trap resist and da is lovely but by going time dilation cheeze, you give up potentially %200-300 light dmg which is %10 more dmg, %150-200 electrocute with some duration maybe yet another %10-15 more dmg, and you potentially give up min 200 to 500 OA and possibly +5-15 extra crit which also potentially %20 dmg loss.
so what you do is exactly by expanding your kill time you put yourself into a positon that needing of double mirror OR

dont get this part wrong this is all friendly post; you stuck your mind&play&piloting skills behind double mirror cheeze, which effects your playstyle badly in long term. cause this method makes you abit lazy all i see.
not every caster relly/need heals to finish crucible or banners, there are other methods aswell. and i guess i wanna see much from you about this part, cause i think you have the potential.


I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the candid advice!

Will upload a edited spec this weekend. :slight_smile:

I saw something like this build before, but this one must perform better iirc.
Did you consider dropping Aeons and Dying God and take Scholar’s Light and Ultos instead? Not sure if it’s optimal, but lots of lightning damage and extra powerful proc must add lots of damage output.
Also I see you facetank nearly everything, maybe Wendigo Totem for extra safety? Wendigo totem and Blood Pact 1+1 will make Hand of Ultos proc and Chain Lightning leech some life for you.

I might change it up completely. I think I’ve finally found a solution for the aether primal strike Druid which is what I plan to change this to.


I’ll pm you the GT link when I’m home later if you want

Aether PS, huh? I’m interested in how did you overcome lack of RR in theory. And its performance, of course.