Storm Druid

Hi all ,
I would like to ask some opinion or even help regarding my build of a druid .
My build is super fun and focused around wind devils(like pets) and i have the cyclone set , i also can farm most dungeons easily but he is very weak egainst mellee eg i m barely surving morgoneth . What would you recomend for a cyclone druid? What to iprove?
Thanks in advance.

You have to control storm totems and wind devils with “pet to attack”. Where is ultos/crown? Losing too much dmg without taking them. And yeahScreenshot_20200713-005035_Chrome

We could optimize your build all day long but honestly you should just follow this one. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Maybe ask the author whether something changes in 1.1.7

Thanks guys for the tips i ll try and fifddle with it and see if i come up with something interesting.