[] The Sparkiest Cyclone! Lightning Druid caster max damage setup


Is this time again, where I want to show you build focused on dealing huge amounts of damage, disregarding some stuff.

Ever since I saw Spark of Ultos weapon buff, wanted to use it in a build. So here we go. Trozan Scepter was stripped of Wind Devil mod, so this weapon is perfect fit. Lightning was nerfed, but if you can stack big % damage you can still do an impressive build.

Actually checked my idea and something similar has been done in the past. Credit to the author @x1x1x1x2

EDIT: and to @mad_lee I forgot about the Vindicator Cyclone, damn is so similar, WTF :sweat_smile:


  • pic with perma buffs, DPS for Chain Lightning

  • check the lightning % damage multiplier :astonished: And spirit also gives more than 800%, so real numbers are close to 4K.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zykOaN


Full Cyclone set and Spark of Ultos are the core. Belt and Relic are classical Shaman items. Actually you can use Arcanist stuff like Iskandra and belt, still will be good. Cindertouch have nice proc. Fateweaver can offer substantial physical resistance and other perks.

Crafts are 1 item with stun and 1 with %physique.

How to build without the impossible boots? Actually any crafted boots, together with Arcanist Conduit can solve resistances problems. Conduit prefix is irrelevant, so should be easier to craft it.


The map I choose allows me to take Ultos+Spear as T3 devotions. Elemental Storm is here to reduce flat RR of monsters. I was able to fit Tsunami as well. 50% of cold is converted to lightning, so deals nice AoE damage.

For defense, the standard duo of Ghoul+Bat is present.


Build is skill dependent but far from complete glass canon. Still waves 169 and 170 can be dangerous. Grava offers the biggest threat. Reaper and Maiden are also hard hitters. Valdaran is usually the slowest enemy to be killed.

My times are all 6 minutes and below… with average of 5:35 - 5:40. With perfect conditions I think 5 or even sub 5 may be possible. Here’s video from my fastest run of 5:15

To prove is not completely dependent of Crucible buffs, took my build for a spin in SR. 75 is possible, mind not recommended, at least not with that setup. But with aggro abuse and fire room, not much trouble to beat 75. Here’s video from it:


Buff WD :heart:

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Weapon damage really needs buff, it’s small!

I know you mean Wind Devils. Well I kinda ruined it, right? :sweat_smile:

I thought cyclone set was dead

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Seems Arcanist needs some nerfs, can’t have it do better than Elementalist. :scorv:

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Almost dead, nerfed over and over, just like Wind Devils, lightning devotions(both Spear and Ultos), Seal of Corruption RR etc. But is still strong. No idea why. And also is not for everybody, unrealistic green and skill level.

In terms of damage potential Elementalist is still ahead.

Too bad GT do not show +%dmg from attributes in the dmg-tab so you have to use math to calc actual damage % xD

When you move your mouse to spirit it will actually give you the % damage, but in game is higher. Perhaps because I highrolled Spirit from Relic&Pants.

Yeah I know that, but its not added to the %dmg in the char tab. Glad it works in game though

In game doesn’t work this way as well. I have always being confused why.

Hmm I was pretty sure it did. Wondering why the devs force us to use math!?

You are math teacher, you have no rights to complain. I was bad math student, so it’s my duty :wink:

Btw screenshot is from game, not GT. That’s direct proof.

Hey, nice build, so creative… WAIT A SECOND!

Seriously, dude, it’s the Arcanist doing the heavy lifting here, same Vindicator setup is slower.

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this was mine back in the days :slight_smile:

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I have a feeling this build was made hundreds of times and I am trying rediscovering the wheel. :sweat_smile:

Yes yes very creative but no.

Arcanist’s Start Pact CDR and spirit dump are reasons why build might look OP. Druid is very underrated class for offensive synergy. Second maybe in that regard behind Elementalist.

They probably all have at some point in time. :laughing:

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Hey Nery,

Nice build as always but, are you sure the 11% CDR from star pact is worth running over stormcaller’s?

That’s 50% crit damage we’re leaving on the table and some other goodies like 40% stun res and a small amount of electrocute :open_mouth:

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CDR works on everything. Not just offensively but defensively. Star Pact’s CDR and spirit boost are what makes Arcanist possible as support class. Cause it lacks any RR.

Stormcaller is also good exclusive but don’t think it’s better.

Fair enough, maybe it’s because the 11% CDR feels more impactful in-game than it seems on paper? :thinking:

no, Arcanist supports it well. Whcih does not diminish the value of a skill, in this case WD.