[] The Sparkiest Cyclone! Lightning Druid caster max damage setup

This is a wrong thread for it, but I have made a feedback about how WDs have been overnerfed (which you have sarcastically referred to here). Cyclone Wind Devils here are carried by insane %damage that Arcanist provides. It’s ~600% more than Vindicator has for example. That is on top of big CDR boost from Star Pact.

It does not mean that Wind Devils or Cyclone are op or even just great.

Really? You have to provide arguments to convince me. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not always about you.

I forgot that thread existed. You aren’t the only one that said it needs buffs

Nery made a good build and that is all there is to it in my mind. Arcanist has been deemed shit, then op on AAR side, then shit, then great then shit mastery again. Now the support from Arcanist is THE explanation for a good build performing.

Every mastery is carried by another. I’m pretty sure Vindicator has extra RR aside from a moderate % dmg and crit dmg and storm box, which again seems to be a dead skill even if you ere to combine it with WD in a build.

And i didn’t say they are OP. But i’d say they are great

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Don’t know if you are following caster’s meta but Arcanist has been the top mastery for quite a few patches now. It’s not just AAR, it’s also TSS, amazing OA, very rare Aetherial racial, amazing damage/Spirit scaling, good old crit and CDR + all the defensive tools it has. Sorcs, Mage Hunters, Druids are insanely strong nowadays.

I would say that they are just okay now after all the harsh Lightning nerfs plus minus one Wind Devil from Trozan stick.

Not sure if that cdr is worth it (it being 50% crit mostly but also ~30% dmg, 40% stun). Main dmg outputs are not dependent on cdr here, it’s only for 0.1s less on procs and some seconds on Ghoul and Mirror. Maybe if you used Halakor and tried to squeeze a 4th Totem? Plus Star Pact pollutes some of the aether on Spear.

Nice touch with Tsunami. It’s pretty solid choice now with Spark on every lightning shaman build. Maybe even better than Imp was on elementalist with 100% aether and fire conversion?

The only shame is that Stonehide on the boots. If that pops up on a top build it shows the items are very res-lacking.

Also, question: how are you getting 15% adcth? I only see 10 (Ghoul, Bat, Restless).


You sure about that?

Im no elementalist player, more than that im not Shoot but take a look at this non-arcanist run without heavy lifting from it.

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Well yeah, Demolitionist has the strongest offensive arsenal in the game, and you took all the best stuff from it: op Lightning Canister (fully converted), op Mines (fully converted), BWC which enables 3 tier 3 constellations. And on top of that you are playing a super glass cannon build with everything invested in the offense, average player would have less than 50% consistency with that.

Is this really an example of Wind Devils being great?

No, its an example of Wind Devils not being influenced by Arcanist class :D. Also i forgot to change the belt to storm sheperd to be less glassy :D. But i think i clearly made my point that its not arcanist doing the heavy lifting here, there, whatever.

I don’t think you did. Because you have linked an unplayable glass cannon where a big part of heavy lifting is done by Demolitionist’s offensive.

If you can’t play it, that does not mean its unplayable. But based on what you just said i should play Shaman Monoclass Cyclone?


Mate, I’ve made my fair share of some of the best endgame builds and I have played quite a few of some other players’ best endgame builds. For 95% of the player base that reach endgame that Elementalist would be unplayable.

No, based on what I have said you are trying to defy the argument about “arcanist doing the heavy lifting” by linking an unplayable glass cannon that has got three (3!) fully converted offensive skills from Demo mastery that also are among some of the best skills in the game.

95% of the player base. That’s a serious assumption you made there. So if elementalist is unplayable by such number and you did a fair share of some of the best endgame builds, basically what you’re doing is creating beginner builds?

Judging by the video, which btw its a first try, it looks fairly playable, sure, a bit more adrenaline than casual click and forget builds but definitely not unplayable. And of course i would redefine your argument cause its totally false even in Nery’s build case, the real case being that Shaman does the lifting while arcanist just supports it.

It is well known that his builds are that good because he’s that bad at playing them.


Considering 95% of the player base never get to endgame, the assumption the build is unplayable by them or not is moot.

Move along folks. Go outside and sit in the sunshine on your balcony or in your garden instead.

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Happy quarantine!


Somehow you have both missed that I have specifically stated 95% of the player base that reach endgame.

That’s a logic leap if I’ve ever seen one.

Well, according to your judgement your old Binder was perfectly playable. I gave it a fair try and died 5 out 5 times. What was your response? Ah yes, “l2play”. I think I have a bit more experience with what works and what doesn’t in endgame, but of course you are allowed to have your opinion on the matter.

We’re not getting into ego wars again - move along.

4:40 on Cyclomentalist? And you call that LIFTING? :wink:


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You missed the part where i said its a first try :grinning:. Also its 3+1, not 4+3.

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What is even the point of running 3+1 if 4+3 is still better?