Storm Totem attack range

Could we get this extended a bit? While I can be attacked by the fire guy throwning his cocktails, Storm Totem just ignores him I assume because he’s slightly out of it’s range.


Being able to throw them a bit further away from me would be nice too.


You still have hope, Medea :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Always hope. :crossed_fingers:

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Even Medea is asking for buffs.

Id personally love extended deployment range. I run a lot of meme builds, namely multiplayer specific support builds, and one of the things I always hated about the totems was I could never drop them in range of the frontlines.

I dont think this is an unreasonable request, as the effect radius of the totems isnt particularly large if I remember correctly. Its decent but, you do have to be tactical in where you deploy if youre trying to support the team properly.

I always thought it would be cool if Storm Totems could share their range, like prism towers in Red Alert 2. They should be able to share their range by chaining to each other.

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I think that the limited range is on purpose, because otherwise it would be the safest skill in the game.

The very reason why I never touched totems :disappointed:

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I would love the Storm Totems to chain lightning through each other.

As skill has following limitations: “Summon Limit” + “Lives For X Seconds” + “X Second Skill Recharge”, player cannot place too many. So it would be cool, if any totem alive could strike enemy using any other totem. Basically here is an image, the farest totem can stike an enemy if it is in any red circle (own and other totem radius). The chain between totems should be allowed high (maybe a whole screen away), so player can actually run forward and place totems, and some 14 sec living totem, 1-2 screens away still could do a strike if player places a totem just under the enemy/boss.

This would allow them to be useful even if enemy (or player) is moving.

P.S.: now, the chain itself could be improved with some legendary, which will actually demage all enemies in the path… ok stop me here, or i will keep dreaming :slight_smile: