Stormbox [Again]

I want to love this skill, as I always do with lightning abilities, but it is so frustrating to use because it’s design feels counterintuitive.

If you want to make use of tether, then you need the base skill to deal a low amount of damage to a target to maintain its tether. And given that it requires a specific mouseover before triggering, and this game is filled with mobs (easy to mouseover the wrong thing), it is so obnoxiously difficult to use.

Please consider making this skill function like Sigil wherein you place the box at a location and it persists until its duration ends. It’d be sooo much more enjoyable and functional in this fashion.

Agree completely

This would be also great for those that play with controllers. Would be good for the xbox port as well.

Agreed. I’m not sure if this is possible in the engine since it’s an attack spell that needs a target, but it should definitely be looked into.

I prefer one mouse click and the skill does 3 links to mobs at the same time, or make it a damaging passive, click-and-forget.

Personally I find it ok to use, and feel that the skill’s damage and utility is probably balanced around the way this skill works, but I think an improvement would be welcomed, such as mentioned above. Either creates multiple links with one click, or creates a stationary “box” on the target ground location.

Or just randomly picks a target whenever you click on the skill, without having to to click on the target.

Yeah, this was one thing I was uncertain about as well. Not sure how easy it is to change something like that within the engine, either. Just seems like this skill need some major QoL changes. The potential for it is there, could be really cool.

Edit: I’d also be fine with a complete redesign wherein this just became a spammable lightning orb skill :slight_smile: