Strange DPS compare

Could any1 tell me why that pistol (on the left) give that much more sheet DPS than my off hand weapon? I’m Nightblade+Arcanist (cold+pierce) , melee dual-wielding? When I press CTRL it is even higher (+1200)

Well let’s see here. Your current weapon wastes damage by converting some to Chaos, and it looks like you want to maximize Cold damage, which the new weapon actually does. That probably has something to do with it. Conversion is a big deal.

On a sidenote, I’ve noticed that your second weapon has “Troll Wart Powder” augment on it. Ew.

Yes so does it matter? I wrote that pressing CTRL gives even higher difference - +1200.

But it is only physical which is not that much. I have much more cold and piercing damage on my skills. But anyway it is just 10% . I have ~3500 DPS atm. +1089 is like 33% !
On the other hand that pistol lacks such importan stats like 16% attack speed, 40% chold damage, +3 amarasta blade burst.

Devs, could you please explain to me this? I’m at a loss ,rly.

My guess is that pistol has about as much cold damage as your axe after you factor in a bit of the pistol’s physical gets converted to cold. On top of that, the pistol has armour piercing which your axe lacks and i guess you’re scaling piercing enough for it to be better?

Could it have something to do with dual wielding melee vs ranged? You can’t mix and match across the two so it might be thinking your off-hand is empty through some error or another.

Something else I’ve noticed too: switch your weapons to opposite handsand compare again and the numbers will likely be different again!

The DPS calculations are often a mystery to me and I go by the 2nd tab and skill tool tip numbers instead.

I think that is because DPS is the average of the DPS of the two skills you have on main hand and offhand, and sometimes those skills have offhand/mainhand bonuses. It is just an estimate of averages for the skills and i don’t think it factors everything in, and almost certainly is not reflective of the actual damage you can put out per second. I have had it report 60-70 dps with a poison witchblade yet I can melt entire mobs in 2 seconds. A dual pistol demolition took longer to destroy similar mobs with 1700 DPS. A weapon with a flat +100 DPS is not necessarily better if your current weapon is giving you 50% to all lightning and most of your abilities are lightning based. Across all abilities, those on hotkeys, you might be loosing several hundreds of dps. Even the page II skill sheet can’t show that.

If you want to maximize damage the simplest way to do it get the multipliers that work with your abilities as high as possible and get as much of other damage types converted to that multiplied type as you possibly can. If all of your abilities have similar damage types to the two skills on RMB LMB then at best it is base estimate of the order of magnitude of your actual damage output. If you are using only 1 or two abilities then it is pretty close, but i think you do better with 3-4 abilities of a single damage type and a very high multiplier of that type. But is maximizing damage even beneficial in this game where defense and resists are so important later? It might be in some cases that “enough” damage is what should be aimed for.

In the case of OP, the calculations go haywire because he compares DW melee with a gun. You can’t wear a gun and another weapon. So it probably unequips both weapons and then equips the gun for the sake of damage calculations.
Doesn’t help that ABB is iffy in regards how it applies damage in DW.