Strange Hang Problem

I played the crap outta Grim Dawn last year. Loved it, but got burnt out on it and moved on. A couple of weeks ago, my internet was down and I was looking for something to play that did not require an internet connection, so I decided to revisit GD. But when I tried to run it, I just got a black screen that appeared to be hung forever. It required me to bring up the Task Manager and issue multiple kill orders to terminate it.

So I ran the Repair Tool, with the “Reset Settings” box clicked. Now when I run GD, I get a window in the middle of the screen that says “Grim Dawn” in the upper left corner of the window (in other words, a window that is lower resolution than my desktop) that never does anything. When I bring up Task Manager, it shows this process as “Not responding”. When I kill it, now I get the Crash Report box, which says Grim Dawn has crashed. I have filled this out and sent it in.

OK, so what has changed in my system since the days when I was able to run GD w/o problem ? Turns out my internet being down was due to an internet card that has gone bad. So I had a new one intalled, and at the same time doubled my sysem memory from 8 GB to 16 GB. I don’t see any reason for either of these changes to cause a problem with GD…unless perhaps GD is trying to make an internet connection with my old IP address and is now hanging because of the new card. That’s all I can think of.

Anyone have any thoughts ? I sure would like to get this fixed and running again w/o having to re-install it and lose all my characters. Plus, I’m not sure how to re-install it. The folder it is under is “GOG Games”. I have purchased several GoG games, incl. this one, but have no clue how to go about re-installing one that purchased digitally…

Regards your chars, if you go to \documents\my games and back up the Grim Dawn folder there and that should have all your chars, recipes, stash etc.

Edit… I don’t have the GoG version to know, but are you running Gog galaxy or not, if not then it should be a case of uninstall the game, check there’s no folders / files left, re-download the latest version from Gog and install.

There are other Gog users on here, so I’m sure you’ll get more detailed / helpful info from them.