Streets of Rage 4 retro

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Oh Boy! 12 unlockable characters! This is great news, originally I really felt the selection, 4 characters, was limited. Whereas in the above new video it seems you can choose between Axel SOR1, SOR2, SOR3 and SOR4. Now thats’ better.

I’m pretty confident with this Streets of Rage 4. Indeed Lizardcube, French developers, have proved they can do a great Remake (See Wonderboy The Dragon’s Trap).

Here’s a Behind the Gameplay vid where you can see their magic at work: there’s a lot of developer insight in this interview. This vid is subtitled in English.

Look especially at “1 :54” where you can see one dev cleverly playing the upcoming Streets of Rage 4 side by side with the original Genesis version in order to capture the rhythm of the original games:

Edit: fan-made games dedicated to the Streets of Rage Franchise over the years (OpenBOR games and Streets of Rage Remake alike) have set the bar really high. And SOR fans expect nothing less than the best. And thats’ a lot of pressure on Lizardcube, but like I said I’m quite confident. ^^

Thanks the video. The game is set to come out on June 14 (hopefully).

No word either the retro characters will be avaliable on the start, unlockabled or future DLC (please don’t). For me, it’s the music. It’s such a joy to listen to the old tracksit while playing. I wonder if the retro characters will get news moves. Will they be able to run? Can they roll? Will they get their own super attacks?

It’s true, we do owe a lot to SOR remake. It convinced Sega that fans wanted a sequel. Who knows? Maybe a true Golden Axe 4 in the future?

…The game is set to come out on June 14 (hopefully).

Surprise! SOR 4 will come earlier than you thought ^^:

"Streets of Rage 4 will make its way on April 30th to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for $24.99":

Awesome news! Thanks!