Struggling with devotion screen...

Ok - LOVE Grim Dawn. I have almost nothing bad to say about it. I decided to do a “clean slate” for the expansion, which I started playing yesterday. Loving it just as much as always.

The devotion screen still frustrates the shit out of me though!

Is there some way to view “labels” on the devotions? Even temporarily? Or just… some way to adjust them for better visibility?

I mean I love that there are a ton of new devotions, but the system was :eek:to use before, and even more so now.

I’m hoping they thought about this and made added some helpful features that I haven’t realized or found yet!


Perhaps your approach to viewing it needs to be changed. For example, I usually decide what damage type I want to aim for then go to and CTRL + F and find the suitable constellation.

Another approach I’ve taken is simply find a constellation on the outside that I think would work well with what I want to do then work towards it.

Simply doing these things has made me exceptionally familiar with the whole star chart. Learning it all in one swoop can be tough but if you take it a few chunks at a time you’ll be surprised how well you’ll begin to understand it.