Stun Jacks & Full Spread Damage

I was working on a Purifier build (Inquisitor + Demolitionist (WIP) ) and was wondering if there was a sweet spot for Stun Jacks & Full Spread, so a whipped out Excel and played for a while ( ). Not accounting for over-leveling and other modifiers, and discovered that Full Spread, by far, out-damages the Stun Jacks. Of course, the total modifier for Lightning makes this mostly moot, but I thought it was interesting. Feel free to comment about spreadsheet or my sad WIP Purifier build.

This could be useful when you want to level with stun jacks but in endgame it won’t matter. You will always want to max both Stun Jacks and Full Spread for maximum damage potential. And you can afford max overcap on both with the right items.

E: on build, I recommend inserting items. Skill mods on items will highly influence how you distribute your points. If you don’t have any idea on itemization yet, check my profile for a Stun Jacks Sorcerer build. I think Ptirodaktill also put in a Purifier version there. The build was made a few patches ago but should still be good now with a few modifications.

Thanks. I’ll look them over. Yeah, I’m leveling and currently at level 28 or so, and that’s what made me wonder. I’m stuck in my WIP build with not enough points to fill SJ and FS, and was looking for a sweet spot. I’m also not sure if there’s a better CC for Purifier than SJ, but I’m experimenting a bit based on drops and such, so my points are fairly fluid.

Purifier has a lot of options for levelling, if that’s what you need. BWC, Stun Jacks, Runes, Fire Strike are all strong options, and can all be built around from start till the endgame.