Stun Jacks Purifier?

I keep seeing the lights defender stun Jacks purifier showing up in various categories in the fastest cleaners thread, but I haven’t seen the build in the compendiums or the concept showing up in threads anywhere else.
Just wondered why, if the DPS same tankiness are so good that it’s not in the build compendium? Does it not perform well in SR cruci?

Some people don’t post stuff because they don’t want it nerfed. That said stun jacks is pretty much only OP when you stand right in the face of your enemy as you only have good dps then. The jacks have weird randomish projectiles, so you can control them best when you facetank and shotgun. This is why you will see this build perform super good against Mad Queen or Lokarr, but not that/as great in SR, crucible or vs ranged bosses.

I hope you will see one soon cuz I’m working on it right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Spoiler alert Purifier is better than Elementalist :smile:

I wonder if there is a single build where elementalist is better than purifier… Blazerush maybe?

Nah, Shieldbreaker :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed… Mementalist forever.