Stupid devouring swarm/grasping vines questions

Hi everyone i want to make a bleed build(caster)around Devouring swarm and Grasping vines,question is should i stack crit?does those skil crit?

i mean i saw some nice devotions,on the right site but require 100 crit,

any suggestions?


Bleed casters don’t enjoy good gear support, currently good bleed build utilises melee in some way anyway.

Crit is alway good and wanted in DOT builds so yes, you should pursue high OA and crit damage. This is because your DOT will continue ticking for the crit damage its whole duration IF you crit on the initial hit.

hey jeroni

devouring swarm and grasping vines in combination rocks da house in veteran and elite. but for ultimate u’ll need more.

u dont need any crit chance, the flat damage is enough.

get the devotion proc “Rend” as soon as possible (at the down site) and bind it to grasping vines. it will be your main damage dealer.
grasping vines is for crowd control and triggers rend
devouring swarm does some damage and gives you much -% Bleed resistants

for end game u want something like in that guide

Thanks, what should i have more in Ultimate

Devouring Swarm Grasping Vines and Wendigo?

Devouring Swarm is used as a debuff first and foremost - the Bleed damage on it is low.

Other than that, you want more offensive Bleed skills than just Grasping Vines.

I’d think about what you want your 2nd mastery to be instead of focusing on Shaman for now. Good options as mentioned are Nightblade (to make a Trickster) or Soldier.


i wil run shaman tree so far as i can and then pick second class,i love to dot…
but realy dont know what fits best for bleed dots,…as second class

Only Bleed Caster would be difficult. But you can clear the trash mobs with Devouring Swarm and Grasping Vines. As mentioned, bind Rend to Grasping Vines and Falcon Swoop to Devouring Swarm.

Most times, this is enough for trash mobs.

The problem is it is marvelous for trash and only for trash, to down anything with big hp pool like nemesis you normally want to add more potent bleed damage sources, like soldier or nightblade melee skills.


Warder or Trickster is the way to go.

even those…without going melee?

Nightblade with Phantasmal Blades and Blade Spirit should get you a Bleed caster.

Other option would be to try and go Occultist for the Bleed RR and work in Pox but it’ll be slow-going on Bosses, it’ll clear trash pretty well though I’d imagine.

Nightblade with Phantasmal Blades and Blade Spirit should get you a Bleed caster.


A little bit more difficult to play but if you want to cast only…

i want to be bleed caster for sure …

Ah, right, blade spirits and PB, I forgot they can be built around now and for good. Was it Superfluff who posted an example not too long ago

Edit: link

Problem is though is that Fluff also uses Ring of Steel for maxed Circle of Slaughter. Grasping Vines Bleed damage pales in comparison.

I guess Vines being good for devotion proccing has it’s own merits if you bound Falcon Swoop to it or something, you’d do more direct damage but less DoT damage.

final question…for now(hahah)

when i go shaman(bleeds)combined with above nightblade skills
So i can play full bleed caster!

How is gear support late game
wil i have good dmg and survival

for the big bosses…and maybe crucible?

Or a big nogo for bleed caster only/?

as a bleed caster without high end gear u will have a hard time in gladiator crucible.

nightblade is the only choice for a bleed caster

phantasmal blade + anatomy of murder

  • shaman tree

and u are fine. for the big bosses like nemesis i doubt it’s enough

Thanks! i wil only start crucible with end gear!wil farm my gear in ultimate!

I’m actually leveling same kind of character currently and was wondering does the RR from Devouring Swarm and Rend actually stack? IIRC, i’ve read that same kind of RR from two different sources does not stack.

If the wording specifically says “reduced”, it doesn’t stack. If it’s just a minus sign (-20% X resistance), it stacks.