Stupid question: Main Campaign Quest Question (Expiry)

Returning to GD after nearly 2 years. Nice to see some (very) old handles here.

Blitzed through with a Warlord on old stash gear making seemingly random ‘choices’ (chose Kymon as I often played Necromancer builds). On reaching FG, well, no spoilers, changed my choice in Elite / Ultimate.

Question: I have searched forums and google for an answer but cannot find it - do quests expire?

If I do not get Dalia’s Diary in Homestead, I learned she will wait to appear in Mourndale / FG, but what about other quests? If I choose neither Angrim nor Duncan in Act I, will anything ever happen to them, or can I leave all ‘choices’ (KC/DV, Blacksmith, Outcast, etc.) until endgame? If I kill Cronley / finish Act II, do I miss the choice for the kids (Paying Tribute / For the Children)? Etc., etc., etc.

Edit: I can think of one - Direni dies in Act II even if you ignore the quest in Act I, yes? (Just saw A Cultist in the Midst in my actives while doing Devil’s Crossing bounties…) So that one is missable I suppose.

Is there any way around a choice regarding Barrowholm? There is no way to Malmouth without, is there? And it locks you out of a Celestial / Nemesis per difficulty, plus the faction. I suppose with Ancient Grove and Tomb of the Heretic (ouch!), I could forego Malmouth for leveling now in Normal / Elite.

Thanks for any responses in advance.

Dirakai (think this was my handle)

Quests usually do not expire unless something unfortunate happens to the quest giver. And I sometimes ignore a quest (i.e. I do not accept it, because that triggers my desired outcome). Expiring seems to be the wrong term. I think you get some kind of replacement outcome / follow-up quest.

Without making a choice in Barrowholm, you cannot proceed in the main quest. Also you want to make your decision so that you can start to increase your reputation / infamy with them.

I thought Expire might have been the wrong word, but could not come up with the correct one.

Maybe this is my OCD speaking (play with Grimchecklist and am bothered it does not have FG) but what other than Direni can you skip to change the outcome? Google taught me about Dalia, which made sense since her appearances are all in different releases that may be done out of order (FG specifically). No KC/DV choice must impact FG - assuming you can complete Act IV with no choice - I should find out soon. I know I missed the bandits in Twin Falls at least once long ago and they were waiting for me, as were the Bloodsworn when I realized I missed them in Ultimate upon reaching the Tomb of Ateph recently.

Heretofore I have always accepted and completed all quests, while being bothered by missing For the Children / Cult Activity based on choices. And yes, I cheated on my Necromancers to get 100% notes from KC.

Nothing big…

  • You accept the New Harbor quest after dealing with Cronley.

  • You can choose not to talk to Ulgrim until you must.

  • If you do not finish Harmond’s quests before you begin with AoM content…

Thanks eisprinzessin.

I assume the results of the first are the same whether you wait to accept, or as I did last night, accept but do not complete.

And I can guess what happens with the third.

Found out that Direni is not lost, as the wiki states - he did not appear later and remains in his original position despite passing the first major boss of Act II.

Going to run through normal not doing anything that involves a choice, excepting choices I would not ever make (not saving people, e.g., Skinner family in Arkovian foothills). I don’t expect to find any major branches - the game is designed to allow characters to blitz lower difficulties, ignoring side content, and returning at level 80+ for quests.

May test GD Stash cheating on Barrowholm, as that seems to be the only obstacle, but I assume even if I stash the totem it will (i) not work with missing progress flags; or (ii) break something - but that is what backups are for.

Thank you again.