Sudden Energy problems!?

Hi all,

This is my first time through Grim Dawn and I was doing everything on Normal just to see the content the first time. I was almost finished with AoM (level 67 or 68) when all the sudden I noticed my Energy bar was like actually low. I hadn’t used an Energy potion until this point!

I’m playing a cold based Spellbreaker.

I hadn’t recent changed any gear, skills or devotions. I’m at a complete loss. I started Elite after finishing and it’s the same. It goes does incredibly fast and then doesn’t deplete completely, but also regens insanely slow.

Other question about Elite: I read that it drops your resists, but how? Does it lower the max or what? I ask because I thought I was way overcapped on my elemental resists and I looked at my character on Elite to see they were 57 instead of 80+, but all the other resists seem normal. Again I hadn’t changed any gear before going to Elite so I’m a bit baffled.

Not sure about your energy problems. maybe things are dying more slowly than previously, or maybe you encountered a mob with energy drain/burn (though, I thought they removed this awhile ago).

As for resists, yes resistances just get dropped (doesn’t apply to max resistance). So, basically, you weren’t as overcapped as you thought you were.

Kind of the opposite, things die super fast (and have been the whole game).

So with my resists dropping, if I had exactly 80 resist from items or something it would just show as 55?


The top row of resists drop 25 in elite

and then both rows will drop 25 in ultimate.

Some reflect mobs can do energy leech retaliation as well (both nightblade and arcanist have energy leech);), and spamming shadow strike is energy thirsty.

So I think my problem was that I just accidentally had a good chunk of +energy regen every second for a long time at the higher levels (when my energy consumption would have increased from the beginning of the game) and I must have unequipped all of it at once.

Still very weird not to use an Energy pot for 68 levels!