Suffix/prefix green drop idea

So first time posting, i have around 1500 hours into grim dawn. love the game. might be way to late to suggest this but here we go.

So even with 1500 hours into GD ive only found a handful of double green suffix/prefix greens. i know the next patch should fix this but i had an idea for a while

been farming Ikrixs medal forever now and ive never found even 1 double rare suffix/prefix but ive found alot of the ones that have atlease the 1 roll im looking for. so make a craft were you could combine the suffix / prefix of the same item so you would need 2 of the medals and then put one in a slot "prefix one in the slot “suffix” make it cost like 500k iron or some expensive mats and make them soulbound if you choose to do so. so when or if you ever do find a double green its still feels rare.


You basically want Last Epoch crafting system :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a type of reroll which the devs don’t seem to want in the game.

Patch v1.1.7.0 is going to significantly up the drop rates for MIs. Greater chance of rare affix (and always two affix), greater chance of double rare affix, as well as some MI receiving item mod and/or stat buffs.

Best to wait for it, try again and then post feedback.

That’s true and one should not make judgement before it’s on but… from what Z was saying affix pools are not gonna get tidied up and you’re still gonna be getting Cold Fireblades of Acid 99.9% of the time. But ofc there’s no way around it in rng drop system which is the best system that exists.

Please stop suggesting to make evth craftable in the game. Items must stay random/rare so that you don’t get all you want and stay engaged. And if you really need 1 item then just spawn it with a mod and don’t introduce wide availability for everybody.

I wouldn’t expect that to happen though. There will always be useless affix. We’ll have to see how much the rare affix weighting was adjusted, if this affects crucible and SR too though then I don’t particularly see any other issue in the future (other than perhaps raising weighting for green MI gated behind skeleton key which take some time to run to).

Even though someone may ask for things to be craftable (this case or post doesn’t quite match my example) doesn’t mean it is going to be as good as the MI drop.

For example the ABB MI has something like what 6-8 pre rolled stats on top of the prefix/suffix, where as something craftable does not. I know this is what the OP is asking for but it proves a point.

Something craftable until the item you want drops is good for new players and current.

Secondly, telling folks to use a 3rd party mod to make it so only they can get it seems off when everyone can just use the 3rd party mod no different from everyone using the option baked into the game.

I see where you’re coming from but, at the very most fundamental level, the OP has merit in the fact of having some sort of option to cover bases until then.

I had given a suggestion for craftable conversion rings. Crate went with buffing the drop rate to Magi rings for 1.7. I appreciate them so much for it.

Hello everyone.

This is my first post here in the forum. So hello again everybody :slight_smile:

This morning I have got an idea that probably makes it very interesting and grinding to realize your mentioned idea in the first thread.

What do you think about this?

  1. You will be able to craft green items in a combination (Prefix + Suffix) you would like to have
  2. Therefore you must first of all achieve something. Like finishing Forgotten Gods or Ashes of Malmouth and you need to be at level 100
  3. You will get a new quest after you have finished Ashes of Malmouth or Forgotten Gods.
  4. When the quest is finished you will be able to farm something like a “Prefix warrant” & a “Suffix Warrant”
  5. These new kind of warrants are only farmable from Endbosses, Nemesis, or Superbosses. And only farmable after finishing the quest mentioned in point 3
  6. These warrants can be used only 1 time. Therefore you must farm more…
  7. When the new quest mentioned in point 3 is finished the blacksmithes have a new “tab” or “option”
  8. In this new tab you can place 1 Suffix warrant and or 1 Prefix warrant and an item you would like to convert.

What does it bring to us?

  1. New quest after finishing the DLC’s
  2. New reason to farm Endbosses, Superbosses and Nemesis.
  3. An expansion for the blacksmiths (items could be upgraded by blacksmiths extra boni… Could not must)
  4. New items to farm called Prefix or Suffix Warrant

New stuff, new expansion, new really good reasons to go for Nemesis bosses… End up in much more fun. What do you think?

best regards

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Most players never make it past Normal. Plus it’s a type of reroll again. Interesting concept though.

Thank you medea_fleecestealer.

Thank you for your warm and kind welcome. :slight_smile:

Yes, since some month I am relly deepp diggin into the game and cannot stop. This game is really really nice. And yesterday I have seen the thread and thought. Man, that guy has a good idea.

And this morning, I thought. Why not catching up this idea and extend it in a way that brings again much more farming and grinding fun in the game. because at the moment I am only rushing through the mobs and fighting against Nemesis. that is the last thing in the game for me at the moment if I do not start a new character. But bringing in a complex solution for double rare farming compared with a little bit of extra quest fun… is probably a not soooo heavy work to implement… But brings many interesting things for the players… But it is just a small concept from a player that is not bored destroying Monster Totems again and again for the sarch of double rare items. They are really really rare :slight_smile:

Well, hopefully when the next patch drops they won’t be quite as rare.

What I would like to add…

What brings it for the developers?

  1. People need to buy the DLC’s to get the ingame chance to craft double rare items. That is a + for gamers and developers
  2. To force it to buy it: The quest could be related to an ingame character like Larria. She is only available with Ashes of Malmouth.
  3. And probably a blacksmith is not the correct person for “converting” items. Probably a witch like Larria would fit more for that purpose… A witch can do “Magic” :slight_smile: Rare magic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We will see @medea_fleecestealer

I was very happy to see that the developers still bring in new content. That is really really a very good job they are doing. They seem to be a very good team. Let’s see what will happen :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback, i dont ever think my ideas would ever get put into a game, its just a thought. still gona love this game no matter what.

was just an idea, super excited for the next patch.

Sounds like you’re on the verge of becoming a ‘stasher 4life. Waking up with new ideas pertaining fantasy MI is a common symptom.

@ya1 The game has so many “open” possibilities for extensions… that implementing new stuff (extensions, quests and so on) is really a thing that still could happen. The maps are made for it.

We have that broken bridge in Devils Crossing. We have the broken bridge in East Marsh. We have the boat in Cultists Lair. Thoughts can run free sometimes :slight_smile:

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