Suggest an affordable GPU and Monitor

Dear all,

I’ve been experiencing GD shutting down consistently in the past 2 months. While I’ve had a separate thread to discuss it, it seems there might be a problem with my GPU which I had purchased back in 2012.

My question, in this sub forum, is which GPU should I go for? My budget is about a $100 (~Rs. 7,000) and my primary requirement for it is to play games in a casual manner wherein my in-game settings are between medium to high.

I currently own a 7770 Radeon, and I feel it has served me well. Additionally, I also have to purchase a new monitor, for the one I use now was purchased back in 2010. Budget for monitor is about $70. It’s a VGA one and I’ve been using a HDMI-VGA converter to use my GPU for so long.

Any ideas, please?

R7 360 ?

Thanks for the suggestion, epinter! Will read the link which you’ve shared. Do you own one?

I recently bought a new card, too. I considered the R7 360 at first, too. But the R7 370 was within my budget, so I settled for it. Pretty happy with it.

Thanks for both the suggestions. However, both the cards are way above my budget :frowning:

Then hold off on upgrading until you get a decent budget. What you want and what you have to spend are not coinciding with one another. Just wait a bit more and save up some more money and by the time you get a decent budget down, the higher-end cards and monitors will have dropped even more in price and you’ll be able to get a better bang for your buck.

Also, you need to take into consideration that your other hardware can easily bottleneck a new GPU. You need an adequate PSU as well as a decent CPU and enough RAM to utilize your new hardware to its fullest potential.

So for now, just keep pinching those pennies and before you know it, the cards that are out of your price range now will be well within your range in no time.

Agree with Stg.

But you can start to build a new PC, and then add a GPU when you have budget to complete… A good i3 (like 4360 or 6300) can run a lot of games without any GPU, and have power to support a good GPU.

I also agree with the above comments. If $100 is your max budget right now for a card hold off until you can do $150ish. With the new line of GTX 10 cards coming out the 900 series should see some nice price cuts/sales.

Seeing what card you are currently using the R7 370 would be a valid budget friendly upgrade for you. $140 after rebate =

monitor =

X10 what stg said. A 100$ card is just about worthless as it has been obsolete for years already at this point.

MSI 950 for $110 after rebate.

need some pretty ancient shit to a hold back a $100 gpu sir :smiley:

Agree with what stg and these other guys posted though. Holding out till you can spend $150-200 is gonna be well worth it even if it takes you a long time. Start pinchin pennies and finding a few more hours to work nothing is more important in life than a half decent graphics card

I was referring to a card that costs more than $100. Since we don’t know their current setup, it’s best to err on the side of caution just in case they are running ancient hardware and splurge on high-end card. Far too often I would try to help someone who spent $350 on a new GPU and didn’t get any performance boost only to find they had less than 1GB of RAM or a single core pre-built Dell they found at an office auction.

Your 7770 is about as good as a 100 dollar card. so you would be doing no actual upgrade. You would need around 150 dollars in order to do a proper upgrade. Grim dawn is heavy so you would need something like a gtx 960 or at least 750ti to run it properly. Also 70 bucks would probably not be enough to buy a decent ips monitor. Just hold off on the upgrade, your budget is too small.

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