[Suggest] Give Avengers Crusher supports Oathkeeper

Since the Avengers Crusher has +4 to Brute force, it can be given +4 to any skill Oathkeepers (I would like to Presence of Virtue).


the set can use some boost besides Oathkeeper skills but maybe it’s a good point to start from.

:thinking: set thematicly supports WPS so i think +2 to smite will be a good adjustment. It will increase the overall bonus to smite according to bonus to zolhan’s technique (+10)

Not, because set give +8 to Upheavel as much as Smite. I don’t recommend Archont for end game (SR 70+/speedrun crucible) with small OA/DA/SS res/2 AA). Brute force gives flat damage and it seems strange to me that the set doesn’t support a skill with flat damage(dots) in Oathkeeper.

Upheavel isn’t a WPS so i think comparing with zolhan’s technique is more suitable

I’m not sure about that because mods +2 targets to savagery in example adds to zolhans technique (wps) as well as to upheave. link with picture

Yes, +1.

or just +1 to all

No. The set already has +1 to skills for main support classes (soldier, shaman/oathkeeper). I ask devs to add support dot skills in Oathkeeper.

Good idea, Archon as class don’t have many options and Avenger is the class for it, extra boost to OK WPS skill like Smite or passive one like Virtue makes sense and wouldn’t turn it into OP build by any means.

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