suggest me a cheap 2h melee

Hi folks, what build do you suggest for (top = most important):

  • not expensive (can be g3 but ideally less)
  • 2h weapon melee
  • not lightning (already have a lightning caster).
  • not shaman as primary class (already have many)

Checked the gear compendium but haven’t seen anything that fit. Maybe I missed something. Also, I know not all builts are there.

Do you think it’s possible, at least by considing the 3 first requirements?


From what I’ve seen on the forums, forcewave commando meets all your requirements

Beginner’s Physical Warder by jajaja. Don’t think it’s on compendium, so use search. It’s also easily g3 or less.

The problem with non-shaman 2h builds is that they don’t get enough sustain. No sustain -> no facetanking -> losing damage -> trying to get sustain through gear/devotions -> losing damage or durability

I want to try a physical 2h Cadence Witchblade, since he gets access to Blood of Dreeg, but it’s still a draft only.

Forcewave Commando is reliant on Justiciar set and probably a good Obsidian Headsplitter too. Idk how it will perform without them.

Ok so if I understand well, if I have to drop one of my requirements, it could be the class? I admit that wendigo and mogdrogen are hard to beat as defense skills. Could be an option because I now have wildcaller complete set. This is why a g2 build could do the job.

I just checked the commando builds in the compendium and they’re all g3. Except if someone can show me a g2 one, I think I’ll go with a shaman (another one…). Bah, at least it’s melee.


I thought dropping the first three isn’t an option for you?

2H Firestrike Commando is a very cheap 2h class that could complete ultimate in mostly faction gear, but his major issue is sustain, so fighting nemesis bosses is troublesome.

I’m running a two handed physical witchblade and it works alright, have to kite mad queen but she’s doable.

Other options are two handed pyromancer with brimstone , really fun with all the procs…literally an inferno wherever you go.

Or if you decide to go warder there’s great potential in a two handed bleed build.

Send me a pm if you want grim calcs

You are right. This is why I think your first recommandation is the most interesting for me (other peoples options are good). Found jajaja build BTW.

Ultimate is of little interest for me.


what is G3? first time i’ve heard that in relation to grim dawn

g# : The build is dependent on specific gear with a value ranging from 1-5. The higher the number, the more gear dependent it is. More info here if further clarification needed.

I’m also thinking about doing a 2h witchblade (as in I’m level ~30 lol), although more of a physical/chaos hybrid. How much would you say you need Physical Resistance? Because I’m only planning on putting 2 points into Aspect of the Guardian at the moment.

I think it’s a sin to not take phys res on a physical build when it’s readily available. Both Leviathan and Stonefist Rebuke (two pure phys legendary weapons, you’re bound to choose between the two if you go phys) got physical resistance, so when stacked you’ll have 22+% physical resistance. Add 3% from Sailor’s Guide and it’s already 25+% before even accounting small benefits from your armors. 25% is already a lot, it’s like +33% HP if you are to be damaged only by physical. Actually, it’s even better than that, because of how armor and regeneration works.

Ofcourse it’s about lategame only, at level 30 you shouldn’t even worry about it, but your draft has to include AotG maxed, imo.