Suggested Tweaks to Cleansing Waters proc of Ulo Devotion.

I’ve run this to max xp aand tried it around the map.

Firstly, the devotion resistance nodes are nothing special (at all, really) but they are tolerable.

But the proc Cleansing Waters:


  1. huge CD (20s), which starts at 30s at 0xp. meh…this interval improvement is essentially negligible.
  2. offensively the slow is terrible for anything over tier 3. AT 75+% slow resist this slow will last 2s or less (from the original 8). Might be ok if you can use that 50% slow to facetank/kite with massive damage, I suppose. But how practicall is that every 20s (CD)?
  3. It has a small radius (about the size of a couple-pointer BWC) - ~1 mob and best not miss your aim.
  4. it has a quite limited selection for skill proc placement
  5. defensively…I’ve very rarely had a need to get rid of bad buffs on my character. And in the current game, I’d suggest it to be a waste to hold this for that very case or an extremely rare use. And I never had that need while I was testing this.
    [li] The removing of beneficial auras is very case specific, and for me it wasn’t that game-changing: some mobs using reflect spell or mirror, and more interesting were a few bosses with cast-on-spawn buffs. An example of this would be Cronley"s Aether shield. So…you save 9s from the start where he has 90% damage absorption. etc.[/li]This imho is the real practical application of the proc. But in considering this, there is mostly no notable difference from 0xp to max xp. It does the same thing and 20 or 30s CD makes little difference.

My suggestions for improvement:

  1. reduce top xp CD to 10s
  2. increase radius to 5m. This allows the slow to have some impact on middle-range mob packs. It has little real impact on high-tier heros/bosses.
  3. increase the list of active skills that this can be bound to. It’s a utility proc.
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It also seems that you would bind to a skill or skill from gear that you don’t plan on using routinely in order to reserve the celestial ability for a hero or boss that you want to hit with the slow/removebuff

Slow don’t work on bosses.

+1. I tried this at SR yesterday, but it doesn’t help much. Make the CD 12 seconds (10/10 Nullification) or give the Disrupt target skill.