[Suggestion] about some game FX


  1. Ghol’s Malice
    It’s poison set with some bonuses to Bone Harvest

Now it’s look so

maybe it’s time to make Bone Harvest with Poison FX for this set?

  1. Mythical Hallanx’s Head

It’s so sad that this off don’t have Red FX for DEE

Lazy Devs! :imp:

dont forget devotions arent getting fx treatments too and some skills when getting max conversion

maybe it’s hard to make FX for Devotions
but Poison FX for Bone Harvest is already in game

If I remember right, Zantai has mentioned before that they can’t do FX swaps for DEE or BWC because of the transmuters changing the radius on the skill. If this limitation weren’t there, then they’d be all over it already.

indeed i remember that too
sigh i would pay for red DEE ,i would love a pyromancer type build