[Suggestion] Add a kickstarter for a GD 2!

Hey there!

Ive just read that development of GD 2 Will be based on financial aspects, which is completly understandable and fair, but what if those expectations Will not cover?

Would be such a shame to waste such a huge potential, also I am sure there are plenty of people willinh to Aid development of GD 2. And for such kickstarter comes like a great idea, how do you think guys?

Also, well, I might be actually wrong on this one, but isnt GD still lacking presence via the internet? Ive played quite a lot of ARPGs, tbh I exclusively play only this genre (okay, theres also Dota 2 :wink: and GD is hands down the Best single player gamę out there. Therefore i got the feeling like this game has a lot less attention than it should.

Wouldnt you consider some advertisment campain? What comes to my mind is some colaboration with famouse twitch streamer. Some cool guy showing people how good and solid is the game. Not really into twitch streamer so I dont have idea which one fota Best (CohnCarnage MB?) but I am pretty sure this Would pay off.

Best regards to all of you guys, the devs and Players aswell :cool:

Well, it’s not just financial considerations, though Medierra has said in the past that he’d like to have more money to throw at it if they ever decide to make GD2. It’s also the fact that the team have been working on the game for 6- nearly 7 - years now so would like to take a break and try out some other ideas for games to entertain us with.

Not saying Crate would rule out another Kickstarter since the first one was so successful, but I guess it’ll depend on whether they decide to do it, what engine they use, what the technology is like in a few years’ time, what vision they have for the game, etc.

I’m not even sure they’d need a Kickstarter as such. There were quite a few people who wanted to help Medierra out early on when he was working pretty much on his own and eventually he set up a donations page.


I’m pretty such if Crate did that again they’d get a fair way towards any financial target they might be aiming for.

As for advertising there was this thread recently where Medierra made a post on the subject.


Yea, from the straight UP human perspective its understanble that working over and over on same project Will eventually gets you washed UP. But Hey, who said GD 2 has to be the same project :D?

Thank you kindly for posting this thread we already have abou advertisment. Actually I am not too surprised people are having similar ideas as mine, looks like its natura progression of the gamę, deffinetly making a lot of sens and worth to think about.

Our devs, are deffinetly Smart ones, I bet they already discussed this, but one thing that kinda bothers me is the Crate attittude. Might be wrong but I feel like company is well, too polite and humble, maybe lacking some of confidenc in terms of advertisment which may lead to some understatments. What I mean is that making decisions with such a mind state might not be as effective as it should. Hopes I am wrong and thats my twisted imagination :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont get me wrong, there is a lack of good arpgs, and GD fills this hole completly, deffinetly being the Diablo 2 of Our Times : )

Well, they may be, but also might be because Medierra doesn’t really see Crate growing into a big AAA company I don’t think.

He seems happy with the way things are going and whatever they’re doing is working well for them.

Haha, and Thats what I totally not only respects but also understands aswell : )

I am actualling taking that approach myself at my work, if taking more duties and reponsibilities for more monies is worth that? Especially if I am being paid okay, and not that eager to earn more bucks, also having quite of a free Time aswell ^^

Yea, but I am not having a growing pet here, and giving as much space to grow as possible is a desire of every parent I guess : )))

Still wouldn’t complain to see anything about GD 2 somewhere in the future.
Well, somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

When the time comes, a way to donate/pre-order that does not involve anyone besides Crate receiving a cut would be ideal. Also, distribution by Crate and the games own launcher would be great. I get that it might be a bit more work and there can be benefits from exposure, but damnit I hate being forced to support third parties.