{Suggestion} Add aether crystals/ugdenbloom in Totem drops

With partial components gone allowing for faster and more fluent crafting the only bottleneck for that is that you still burn through aether crystals/flowers very very fast.

Adding a few of those per Totem would finally allow you to farm everything needed just by doing your normal content runs instead of just doing boring ugden runs.


Given partial components are gone and drop rates were not adjusted, I agree something should be done.

I would suggest reducing both seal of binding and ugdenbloom crafting costs a little so that farming isn’t as much of a chore as it is (1 for smaller crafts and 2 for more expensive ones). Make aether crystal crafting costs 1 lower than they are.

I’d love to see more Aether Clusters drop. Would be cool to have those drop from Aether totems. Yes, I do actually use Aether clusters. Farming them is a real pain in the ass.

blood of chthon from the voidtouched totems please.

Something like 33% from normal, 50% from forsaken and 75% from ancient totems would be a nice addition.

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