[Suggestion] Add bonus to Nether Edge to Demonslayer set

Literally please. Crate, please…

What relic u use? can’t u get that point from a random relic roll ?

I use Mogdrogen’s Ardor because I need the +1 to all skills and there’s no nightblade relic that would actually give me what I need.

There are at least 2 completion bonuses on NB relics that give +1 to Nether Edge

But zero NB relics that help with vitality dmg.

And therefore Mogdrogen’s Ardor is a must in my situation. I could run any Nightblade relic to just support this one skillpoint, but in the end I’ll lose my relic slot, because I don’t convert enough cold, acid or pierce damage to vitality. Why would I waste my relic for literally 1 skillpoint?

Nemesis is actually a decent choice for vitality PB spam - total speed, damage to humans, DA shred.