[Suggestion] Add +max movement speed to hydra devotion

This is a thought I had when thinking about the general performance difference between melee/casters/ranged playstyles and I would like to hear what the community thinks about this topic.

Generally melee and caster specs perform better than ranged as has been shown multiple times over the years on this forum. I am aware of the dps output from brimstone WPS shotgun shenanigan builds, most of which have already been nerfed, but when I say “perform better” I am not talking about dps only, but the entire package of dps, survivability and “how the character feels to play”. The main problem has always been that ranged builds are “just melee builds with 1-2 attacks head start” and that it’s very hard to kite without losing dps once you have high attack speed, especially when you dual wield and different animation lenghs from hitting with 1hand/both hands aswell as wps get added to the mix, all of which make kiting with ranged feel even clunkier and unpredictable. So the solution to this problem was to build a ranged character just as defensive as a melee one, which doesn’t always work that well, or you choose to kite nevertheless at the cost of a big portion of your dps.

Giving only ranged characters the option to get more maximum movement speed via Hydra devotion (Hydra was the only thing that came to my mind, which is already in the game and which is ranged exclusive, but at the same time universally useable on ranged chars) would be imo an interesting way to buff ranged characters. I can see this potentially leading to problems with builds using caster 1h/2h guns, like e.g. Ludrigan Druid, but those would have to invest into hydra while losing other devotions (which they don’t normally want to). Alternatively this stat could also be put on a new ranged only component.

Looking forward to what you guys think about this :slight_smile:

Edit: I just wanted to add that ranged chars can’t use vanish/blitz like movement augments anyway, so adding e.g. +5% max MS wouldn’t transform them into zooming monstrosities.


I like that it adds flavor to this archetype.

It’s hard to justify Hydra on casters builds not benefiting from Attack Speed.

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think i have a caster or two using guns for flavour, Pierce AAR? :thinking:
none i think i took Hydra on because aside from the OA the other nodes just tend to not apply that well/“enough” - no cast speed, lifesteal and flat dmg being sorta pointless unless your spell has WD already or phys conversion

could be an easy thing to try, and simple to “balance” if turned out too OP (ie just revert it)
probably will depend on the gunner tho, feel like stuff that uses Oathkeeper getting that VM+rune chain feels like has decent mobility as is. But not all gunners have oathkeeper parts, so making kiting a bit more worthwhile would not be a horrible addition i think
good idea Protoss :+1:

ofc the solution could also just be to subtract 5% movespeed from 2handed ranged builds so they got on par with dual wields :joy: - oh lord, i’m giving zantai ideas :grimacing:

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