{Suggestion} Bazaar NPC - buy all kind of components for lots of Iron!

Farming for rare components (Kilrian`s, Ugdenbloom etc) is for a lot of players after a certain point frustrating and boring to say the least.

GD is all about making dozens of characters and each of them would required tons of rare components like Frozen Hearts, Battered Shells, Ugdenbloom etc.

Why not have a Bazaar type of NPC at which you could buy whole components and partial ones for consideraby big amount of Iron.

Like you can buy Kilrian`s soul completed for 500k iron, or you can buy a piece of it for 1/4 of the price so if you have 3 you can save yourself the time to farm that one last piece.

That would provide a very solid meaning to Iron and will offer alternative option to players to obtain mats if they dont enjoy the painful farming way.

I am sure that would be easy to implement as wouldnt require new mechanics etc - its just a matter of having Crate decide on it :slight_smile:
I would be willing to pay a DLC price for such an add-on.

I always thought that Crate could have injected a bit of levity with Kilrian.

Once you have killed him, the following encounter could have had a dialog where he says:

“Sigh…Look, do we need to do this again? How about we help each other out…I’ll sell you some of my soul for x. This way we both get something of value. How many you want?”

You can do it for free with GDStash or a similar tool.

But I don’t see the harm in including a ingame merchant. So +1

lmao :D:D:D

I agree that Ugdenblooms are too rare, it’s the only crafting material I’m always lacking.
But I don’t think a special vendor is really needed, I guess I’d just make Ugdenblooms available at the Coven quartermaster, and make Kilrian’s soul a guaranteed drop on all difficulties.
The drop rate of other materials is fine I think.

Farming blooms is good for health. Forests and stuff. Hiking. Best MI in the game.

As for the bazaar idea, I think the chance of Crate ever doing that is like the chance crafting Stonehide Stoneplate Grieves of Kings on your first try and then crafting the exact BoM you want and then crafting a copy of all conduits without doubles. And then getting 10 royal flushes in a row.

Ugdenbloom is actually quite easy: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79036

Ahahahaha! And it totally fits. He still has to save face as a preeminent Undead Lord but sav… err, sell his soul at the same time. So what better front than a Bazaar for various components? It’s genius, I tell ya! :wink:

Yup. The one logical reason, besides the whole input-outcome equation, is that players may be tempted to just find the easiest way to farm for coin (like the crucible, let’s say) and ditch good ol’ fashion farming in campaign.

PS: Omg, “fashion farming?” Well, you could say that gathering legendary items is something like that :smiley: