[Suggestion] Buff Upheaval skill or turn it into a WPS

That’s why endgame content exists - to provide a challenge for full geared builds.
Oh, wait… You don’t balance SR above 60, my mistake

Lets call it a coincidence when nerfs happen if someone posted a 4:xx crucible run

Its kind a progress, you know. Planes fly higher, computers got smarter, cars got faster. The same is in GD

Damn, those Pyromancers, melee Shieldbreakers and Purifiers.
Purifiers someone? You know, those Demo+Inq? Dagallon, ehm?
It might be a revelation, but Mines are still the worst RR skill in the game

And we have it!
I can faceroll Cronley Gang in 30 minutes with Horn of Gandar or I can faceroll Callagadra in 30 seconds with retal WItchblade


Pretty much boss nerfed mobs resistances in MC for 2 or 3 times. Ppl mostly complain about imbalances (eg Kuba healing pool or Grava dispel orbs…), we rarely flinch like omg this boss hit for 10k dmg and one shot me. Did we ever say Calla too hard? Nope. Dying is learning. Deal with it. We like creative, make something better, and thats how we love GD. End game gears mean strongest ones, they only get obstacle vs superbosses, and it happens to every RPG game. Thats why some games even has NG++++ or OP 10, for hardcore players.
About Crucible, as cunning/spirit gain hp as well, augments buffed, it allows glass canon builds can achieve the peak with strategy and carefully, not like before, a 7-8k hp char runs around and wish for luck a mob wont one shot him. Also 10 mins per run is a bit boring. Runs now smoother and shorter, it’s good, and everyone loves that.

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I love it when planes get balance patches. All my flights get shorter.


If this thread descends into sniping at one another then yes, it will be closed. Keep it on topic if you want it to say open.

The fate of GD CCG hangs in the balance… Which mechanics shall the Shaman’s Upheaval Skill Card employ?! Only time will tell!

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Hot damn! That was awesome. Glad to see a fellow Disengage Rune user perform so well with this!

That video was downright inspiring.

Great video and build, but I don’t think Upheaval should be balanced around such a rare stat (100% pass through).


I might be in the minority of the active forum community here when I say this, but I rather have “homogeneity” than something being “unique”, but useless.

This is what pops into my mind every time someone brings up that argument in balancing stuff:



Tell that to Storm Spread and Brimstone getting nerfed because of passthrough.


Well I think Valinov did a pretty good job of proving it isn’t useless, so we’re all set then!


I wasn’t commenting on Upheaval, but the general argument that gets thrown around.

I know about non pet stuff as much as I know of theoretical physics…

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I would tend to agree, but it can’t be balanced in a vacuum assuming that it doesn’t exist either.

It works quite nicely on avenger or on a similar build to mine but using evoker instead ( without that pass through)

I’m not saying that it doesn’t deserve some type of buff though. Larger radius mods for melee builds or increased availability of +skill points on gear would be good starting points.


Upheaval should also mechanically work well with Barthollem’s Warmaul.

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I like the build posted except it looks pretty “glassy”, kinda proves the point Evil_Baka made earlier about crucible players’ mentality.


I actually tried SR and was able to clear SR 80 with relative ease. I died once in the lead up. (could have been avoided) Then beat the boss wave without camera abuse. (agro’d three bosses on entrance) 6minutes left on timer. I’ll upload the video tonight

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I’m not trying to downplay his build, since it’s genuinely creative and impressive, but “Upheaval is actually good if you have one of literally two guns in the entire game that have 100% passthrough, and gain 100% aether to lightning conversion from 3 different sources, AND push your OA past what most classes are mechanically capable of” isn’t the slam dunk you’re making it out to be.


you can for sure get more DA on valinov build (at cost of less oa) and still be good

For sure, but dumping DA like that shouldn’t be as cheap as it is imo. Most monsters having no +% crit damage and/or low OA isn’t great; monster crits are overall pretty underwhelming given their low chance and lack of crit damage.