(Suggestion) Can Lightning Bleeding Trickster be viable?

The setup : Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Basically the title. What I’m gonna ask is some bleeding/lightning support on various items.

  1. Can we get some flat bleeding damage on Stormrend?

  2. Can we get some %Bleeding damage on Ateph’s Promise?

  3. Can we get some %Bleeding damage on Outcast’s Thunder or Scarabshell Powder

  4. Can we get some %Lightning damage on Cronley’s Signet?

  5. Can we get some bleeding support on Mythical Ultos set?

  6. Can we get some %Lightning damage on Lacerator Girdle?

  7. Can we get some flat bleeding damage on Mark of the Farseer?

  8. Can we get some flat bleeding damage on Mythical Stormtitan Thread’s Storm Titan proc?

  9. Can we get some flat bleeding damage on Wind Devil’s Howling Wind?


Lightning Bleeding Trickster


doesn’t stack btw, so might be redundant, or have less effect than you think

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Yeah I know. Just for theme. Friction can cause bleeding :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say to change the % physical damage on this set to % bleeding. Full set + Stormcaller Pact already convert 80% physical to lightning


and then physical primal strike build/ex Korvan Wyrm is supposed to use what? :joy:

Biggest lost would be the lost of +5 to torrent from using 3p Ultos set, to preserve the +2 to primal strike the dawnshard armor can be used while still have flat lightning. This open the way to use those blue shoulder piece that can convert elemental to physical, then the head piece can take Calla or Ravager head for another +1 all skill.

yep, lets ignore set bonus, helm modifier, and the skill points, - all in the quest to support what’s possibly the most outrageous meme approach yet
it’s a silly suggestion if being kind :smile:

heck ford just asked for support, you suggested reductions :rofl:


i don’t even remember if it’s been seriously requested before (probably have), and rejected?,
but if ultos got bleed support (without removing %phys), maybe it might actually(/finally?) make bleed primal strike a thing? - i don’t recall seeing that being posted or even people being excited about doodling it either :thinking:
(since PS has native bleed and another bleed support item mod)


10: Flat bleeding damage on Mythical Evoker of Elgoloth ? :grin:

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