[Suggestion] Change BH conversion mod on Dreadweaver to %100 vit>cold and %50 pierce>cold

Basically the title. Here is the weapon Mythical Dreadweaver - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database . But why right?

This is my build Oppressor, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator , it’s pretty meme but one thing bothers me besides the performance. I can’t get %100 cold Bone Harvest… How?

Build has %60 global vit>cold but I presume the %50 vit>cold modifier from weapon and global conversion doesn’t work additively. My global conversion converts the %60 something of the other %50 that doesn’t covered by Dreadweaver mod.(or is it a bug?)

It’s not much but it will surely help since we all know 1H BH isn’t something great and S&B builds also can use some love… So please either change Chillblood’s mod to %100 vit>cold or just swap Dreadweaver’s values. Since Flat pierce is only only obtainable with Nightblade and DW using fits the Reaper more than S&B setup.

PS: Chillblood’s flat RR proc is so unreliable, I had to give up from Amatok’s skill and take Elemental Storm. Changing it with some DA shred will be much more useful. Or increase it’s damage and add lifesteal.

Thanks for reading, please don’t hesitate to share your opinion on the matter.


Harbinger of Souls phys → vit conversion? Turn it off and I’m 99% sure you’ll see no vit damage on BH =)

For you :upside_down_face:

it’s because the vit cold is indeed multiplicative when it’s direct (partial) modifier conversion and global
gargoyle belt would fix that right up

granted, why chillblood doesn’t have at least a 50% vit to cold modifier like dreadweaver sorta perplexes me :thinking:

I didn’t really asked the how, as I explained that in the next sentence but since I’m a skeptic person, I added ‘‘unless if there is a bug’’ notice.

This is a suggestion topic. I’m suggesting we should be able to get %100 cold BH with mods since even you use Nightblade Belt with perfect conversion roll, it’s still not %100. And Iceskorn Talons is apparently BiS for such BH build.

Coulda just post a screenshot XD Weird stuff though, I’ll now investigate what GI said.

edit: but yeah, I guess Dreadweaver could use 100% on it. Won’t change much for Reaper, but will give more freedom in itemization for others.

don’t disagree, hence why i said childblood not having at least a 50% mod like dreadweaver to match up seems weird
almost likes it’s one of those cases where Z doesn’t “want” you to get full conversion unless you stack 100% global anyway, wasting slots or wasting the native modifier regardless
puzzling indeed

Well if it would be game balancing, I could be settle for this but it’s one-hand Bone Harvest build; how strong can it be. It hardly kills Kuba in 76… And the flat RR from shield is so useless, I had to get Elemental Storm by giving up Amatok proc…

Another simpler solution might just be adding 50% Vitality->Cold to Bone Harvest to Chillblood Carcass.

But either way, I agree with the suggestion of enabling 100% Pierce+Vitality->Cold to Bone Harvest in ford’s config. Right now 2 x Dreadweavers can do it so why not allow Dreadweaver + Carcass as well?

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Alright then…

Canister Bomb with two points in transmuter + 35% global phys → lightning and Barrelsmith set:

Grim Dawn_2021_12_29_23_05_46_667

Lightning AAR with Crimson’s Scepter (30% aether → lightning) + Storm Shepher belt (50%) + Storm Witch ring (29%) + Aetherbolt amulet:

Grim Dawn_2021_12_29_23_11_18_942

Well that kinda… sucks? Pretty much the same level of suckage as tri-ele → X not stacking with single ele → X additively. Somehow I was under the impression that skill mods / transmuters would be additive to global conversions. Not a very pleasant discovery, huh.


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