[Suggestion] Change Deathmark Set Skill into Proc

Deathmark set got nerfed a lot in the past. It has now a moderate defense/above average offense. Which is okay I guess. It definitely has AoE problems but the biggest problem of the set is to re-cast Reaper’s Mark skill constantly. It also creates a piano melee build when combined with anything except Blademaster, and even BM has War Cry, ABB, RoS,SS(or any other mobility skill) to rotate while spamming Cadence. It’s so PITA to play like this.

The skill also has no devotion binding value. So my suggestion is; make it a proc. %20 Chance on Attack, or maybe %100 Chance on Crit.

Any comment is welcome


Great idea - make it something like the proc of the Blightlord set and it would be all good. :+1:

silver sentinel similar effect is already a proc, given deathmarked probably mostly gets played as melee it does seem slightly puzzling why this too wasn’t a proc
good suggestion ford :+1:

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I don’t know before patch but, I guess it was a too powerful set back then so Z probably thought there’s no rose without a thorn. But now it’s a pretty mediocre set and deserves to have some QoL.

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