Suggestion: Crafting/bank system similar to set collections and transmutation in Elder Scrolls Online?

I think ARPG games like Grim Dawn are crying out for a system similar to how the transmutation/set collections system works in Elder Scrolls Online works.

That is, once an item has dropped for you once across any character and you sell it or break it down then it is stored as a craftable item which you can later remake.

I can’t be the only person who is pained to sell gear because I have no bank tab space left, only to find later when I start a new build it would have been a perfect item!

There are tools like GD stash so you can have infinite item storage. If you don’t like mods or external programs like myself, maybe consider making some mule characters to store extra gear. You can name them for respective gear slots, eg boot slot mule can be called shoes or smth. Just give them some iron to buy more storage tabs.

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I did look at GD Stash, but losing cloud sync on characters was too big of compromise.

Now I play on Xbox its definitely a no go.

Mules as described would work better on PC than it does Xbox, organising and searching bank tabs is not the quickest task with a gamepad!

If I had a search box similar to Grim Tools and could just type in my desired skill, stat etc and search for available discovered items that would be a dream addition :smiley:

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I mean, you can search skills, gear and other stuff in your transferred and shared stash.

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