[Suggestion] Darkblaze Source - Please change conversion of Vitality to Chaos instead of Fire and add some more Casting Speed

While scrolling through GT working on a build, I noticed that the Darkblaze Source converts Vitality to Fire Damage… can this be changed to Vitality Damage converted to Chaos Damage instead seeing this is a Chaos set? :thinking:

Also, any chance of adding +8% Casting Speed to Blood of Dreeg while we’re at it since Occultist could use some more CS?

Thank you for the continued support of this excellent game!


Third request: can the Acid to Chaos mod on BoD also change the effect to be a swirling Chaos ball instead of Acid for the buff?

You need some proof with your real build to ask/suggest something like that if you want the devs to consider it. Make it reasonable, explain why you want this by showing the stats of your build etc.

Just adding to my suggestion thread with another potential change for the Darkblaze set. Please consider the above changes for!

After using Darkblaze for a while on my meme DW Ranged Aether/Chaos Sorcerer build, the Unleash Chaos skill could use a slight adjustment in the vertical Physics. When you hit lighter enemies, they get tossed in the air, which is not an issue with melee characters. However, when you toss the enemies, they become very hard to hit with guns due to travel velocity of the bullets and the enemy’s changing vertical positioning.

If the enemies would just get knocked down, then the skill could be useful. As it stands now, your shots miss and so you don’t get to toss out all those Brimstone shards… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Conversion is weird and I have noticed some time ago amulet is missing %fire damage, doesn’t make sense.

Conversion from vitality to chaos can help you with some small flat damage from Second Rite and maybe Bat if you’re willing to take it.

Yes, the lack of % Fire is weird for sure. Thanks for pointing that out!

I’ve been working on changing my Vitality Gargabol Pyromancer into a Chaos/Vit Gargabol/Darkblaze Pyro and the conversion really messes with my build for sure. The last thing I want is to convert Vitality to Fire since I need that flat Vitality. Plus, as you mentioned, you can use the conversion for Bat, etc. as you mentioned.

I’ll see if I can build out a Fire/Chaos FS Darkblaze Pyromancer… :thinking:

EDIT: Turns out you can make one that might work decent with 2 greens in GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoOwyoZ

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