Suggestion for redesigning the raven.

The raven is better now after the recent changes made to it but it is still really frustrating and infuriating to use.

Problems that I have with it is that it just behaves in a very erratic way, it cancels out of it’s attack for no reasons, it will stop following you for no reasons and some times it just stands around doing nothing while I get swarmed, some times it just apuse after attacking 2-3 times before continuing. On top of all that, it just won’t heal the other pets. It’s as if it is trying to tell me “Hold up, let me take a selfie of me with this monster here for my Facebook.” in the middle of a battle while I get swarmed.

I suspect the problem is with the AI constantly checking and trying to determine whether it should heal or attack heal causing the raven to constantly pausing it’s action.

My suggestion is to make the raven a support pet, defining it’s role instead of having it taking the middle road and ending up making it a master of none. Just take away the raven’s normal attack, give it a heal on a cooldown with moderate scaling with attack damage bonus. Give it an aura that buffs nearby ally’s movement speed and defense rating and replace the lightning bolt with an AOE regenerating heal like the Tree of Life.