[Suggestion] How about a bestiary?

Are undead resistant to bleeding? Do dermapteran fear fire? Cold against human a good choice?

To answer these and more questions regarding actual resistance, weakness and other quirks about foes, an in-game bestiary would be, not only useful, but rewarding at the same time. Some ideas:

  • The bestiary would be accessible, using its own window, right from the start much like other information windows (Factions, Quests, etc…)

  • The bestiary would be, much like blueprints, cross character/account global. i.e: Any character can contribute toward expanding it and also access already unlocked information.

  • At the beginning of the game, it would be blank. As you kill enemies, it would start to fill up.

  • Only enemies killed during the traditional main story progression would count toward unlocking more information in the bestiary.

  • Some levels of information, tiers of some sort if you will, could be devised. Example: After killing ‘x’ amount of “Reanimators”, you get to unlock that enemies “portrait”. After ‘y’ amount of kill, you get to learn it’s basic attributes. After ‘z’ amount of kills you can view its resistance and weakness, and so on and so forth for other informations possibly including:
    A more advanced controllable 3D view.
    A description of the current tier of information you have access to. “You are a ‘Reanimator’ neophyte.” or “You are an expert on ’ Dermapteran Sentinel’.”
    Possible player attack or defense bonus against an enemy you know a lot about. This could be implemented just for ‘heroic and special boss foes’.
    Information on where that particular enemies might be found.
    Information on what that particular enemies ‘drops’ are.

  • Much like experience points, unlocking more information in the bestiary would require killing enemies that are “dangerous” to you. i.e: Killing level 5 enemies when you are level 44 would not count toward advancing the bestiary tiers.

I think this would help a lot with immersion as well as learning more about what can be effective against a foe without having to Alt-Tab out of the game to check on the internet…


Grimtool is your friend, it has a monster database.


Sounds like he is aware

Yeah, but at this point of development, I highly doubt a in-game bestiary is in the picture. So Grimtool it is!

Never know, maybe he planted a seed for this feature if a GD2 is deployed.

Well thats not the same as what hes suggesting,look up witcher 3 bestiary,its ingame,with pictures,and infor/lore about them all,its for info and cool ingame flavor

there will be no point in a bestiary when most monsters are reskin versions of another… :sweat_smile:

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Implying that games that do have bestiaries don’t have a ton of reskinned enemies. Reskinned enemies is quite common in games, specially RPGs.

Deen: Well thats not the same as what hes suggesting,look up witcher 3 bestiary,its ingame,with pictures,and infor/lore about them all,its for info and cool ingame flavor

Yes, that was my primary line of thoughts about a bestiary. Outside of game tools are great but not exactly immersive. Also, some games (Black Desert Online to name just one) have a complex system of “knowledge” associated with monsters that provide advantage and bonus against them.

Not to mention, even if many games uses reskins, I think there is something fundamentally awesome in knowing you have seen ‘128 out of 192’ possible enemies (as an example). It makes you wonder which one you missed and what they might offer as rewards…

I’d love to see a bestiary but I’m doubtful we’re going to see major additions or features like it this far into the game’s lifetime. Definitely a consideration for a sequel though.

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