[Suggestion] Increase crit damage to Supercharged

Pretty much the title. In Elemental Balance was nerfed (5% on softcup). Some PRM builds such as Fire PRM, Cold PRM now have a small % success rate in crucible. Also Supercharged is one point skill for most PRM builds. If you look at the GrimSheet Table you will find only 4 PRM builds in contrast to the diversity AAR/TSS builds . Some of them work because of the set(lightning PRM), power of aether as the damage type and full global conversion (physical PRM). Buff PRM as a skill has long been needed and is it time to do it ? I think increase crit dmg to 35-40% on ultimate rank will not do PRM OP skill.


I would have to agree. The vitality conduit is still a very rough go as well even after the last buff


+1, Also agreed. This is one of the most expensive caster skills so it should be higher crit and the greatest scaling at the earlier ranks just like other caster skill (e.g AAR, Phantasmal Blades, FoI).

I dont know vali, the damage difference on my PRM MH is substantial from hardcapping Supercharged and leaving it 1pointed. Ill play it some more today and see.
After further pondering (Strictly invoker MH thinking) I mean even if you did 1pt supercharged what else do you use the pts on?

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