[Suggestion] Make Death-Watcher's Pendant a Medal

I wanted to throw this idea out there and see what the community thought about it.
Once upon a time, I was leveling a Necromancer and saw this drop with some nice rare affixes and got very excited until I realized that it was not as good as my Avarice of Androneus which had “+1 to all skills”. (This was pre-1.1.5.)

Since, amulets tend to lean towards the “+1 to all” in various masteries, I always thought it strange that this item was in a slot that it doesn’t compete well against.
With Ashes of Malmouth (AoM), there are various Medal MI’s that this looks similar to such as the Wendigo medals, Slathsarr’s, and the Rylok’s.
There’s also the inverse MI that drops from Kymon enemies which also happens to be a medal rather than an amulet.
If the items from AoM isn’t enough, an item such as this has gotten even worse in comparison with the new items added in Forgotten Gods.

I’m curious if anyone considers using this in it’s current form, when you can farm a “+1 to all skills” rare amulet from Kaisan?


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