Suggestion: Make Inquisitor Seal castable on Allies

Me and a friend are co-oping the expac and she asked me to give her a pure support build and she noticed last night that trying to cast Inquisitor Seal specifically on my character would not allow it to cast.

Is it possible to make this skill castable on other players in MP?

it isnt just the seal it is literally everything, if your mouse is hovering over an ally you cannot cast spells or attack with your weapon and it is infuriating

Wouldn’t it be far easier to just have your friend move the cursor just off your character and cast the seal. After all, it’s just a ground effect. If she centers it right next to your character, you shouldn’t even have to move to be in it.

That blocked it too, at least back then. Haven’t tried it lately.

THen I stand corrected (I don’t ever play multiplayer, so I made assumptions. My apologies)