[Suggestion] Make Vindictive Flame and Ulzuin's Wrath work on every hit, not only on melee

Pretty much the title.
There are some reasons why do I suggest this QoL change:

  1. it’s very nice that UW now has damage reduction but against ranged/caster enemies and bosses you often lose it as the ability just doesn’t trigger. It’s not so vital in Crucible but important in SR.
  2. builds that rely on VF nad UW as main damage source - like retal commando or this purifier - become absolutely useless against casters. And while Puri has some support of 12/12 BWC and Stormfire, retal Commando has 0 skills with RtA like RF etc.
  3. This change would help not only the mentioned setups but all others to be more sturdy and consistent in terms of defence, as now UW is really unstable DR source.

Please write what you think of the suggested changes, whether you think it would be OP or not.


Thanks to the developers of the game for changing the UW, but in the case of the retalier commando, I would like to have some small source of flat retaliation damage in the soldier class on passive skills, for example, on Veterancy. UW is used in some interesting ideas of Auromancers and its application when receiving any hit it will greatly increase the variability of Auromancers in the game.

Come on, this is not a QoL change. Stretching the definition here.

well, then what’s it is? :slightly_smiling_face:
it is a QoL change at least partly, as this would help builds have more consistent defense.

There’s counter strike but it works the same as VF so it doesn’t really help much. You’re forced to take turrion if you wanna address that.

Vindictive Flame already is triggered by ranged attacks. Every % chance when hit proc both in devotion and gear does and has done since vanilla.

The only behaviour I’m seeing after some short experimentation is that Ulzuin’s Wrath either doesn’t trigger when Vindictive Flame reacts to a ranged ability or has to trigger Vindictive Flame and have it hit something to trigger (meaning it only triggers up close).

Here are some short clips of it that I based the above observations off of. Character used: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23m8DBZ. And before anyone says, the below tests were also done without the Demonbone Legplates equipped, results were the exact same.

Vindictive Flame Tests



I wouldn’t be opposed to Ulzuin’s Wrath triggering without Vindictive Flame having to hit something or targeting enemies hit by Vindictive Flame (like the Fleshwarped Butcher in the 3rd clip) but everything else about it or Vindictive Flame, I’m happy with.

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