Suggestion - New mastery: the Wilding

Hello guys!

I was with this idea in my mind and I thought that maybe it can interest Crate, or maybe the modders, or maybe nobody. :cry:

So I decided to write and share with you. Feel free to comment and fix it where is needed. I’m sure that you guys know a lot more about the game than me.

Sorry if I made mistakes in my text, English is not my native language.

I hope you guys like it. Here we go:

=== Wilding

The Wilding is inspired by the barbarian warriors. His superior strength and determination in the battle make him one of the most desirable ally in combat.

The life of isolation in the icy mountains, made him close to the wild life. The cold involved his body by so many time, that became part of him.

Since the Warrior is a mastery directed in a classic “knight-with-shield” approach, the Shaman goes more to the “powers of the nature” side and the Nightblade being a stealth class, why not to have a savage master of combat like in the old days?

(all the numbers of damage, time and other needs to be balanced and ajusted. I put them only as reference.)

=> Main skills

  • Frenzy: You attack three times faster. +150% weapon damage. Critical hits heals 5% of your life.
    ---------- Northern winds: adds cold damage.
    ---------- Berserker rage: doubles your damage but reduces your defenses in 50% while attacking. Your attack become unstoppable.

  • Mammoth hit: a powerful strike that causes high damage and make your enemies bleed. +250% weapon damage.
    ----------- Battering ram: adds piercing damage.
    ----------- Strength of thousand men: increases the damage, knock-back and stun the enemy.

  • Bear power: bear claws emanate from you in all directions (8 claws) slowing the surrounding enemies while you perform a slow but powerful hit in a single target. +280% weapon damage. +20% cold damage. Slow duration: 3 seconds. Skill recharge: 5 seconds
    ---------- Bear fury: now the bear claws twists around you and apply cold damage to the surrounding enemies and make them bleed. The main target receives increased damage.
    ---------- Hunger: drains life from all of the targets, remove the skill recharge but reduces your damage by 35%.

=> Side skills

  • Pray to the ancients: pray during 3 seconds to the ancients, healing 20% of your life and 30% of your allies life. Your and your allies life regeneration rate increases 200% by 10 seconds. During the pray you stand still and are vulnerable to attacks and receives double damage. Skill recharge: 20 seconds.

  • Master of the combat: scream to motivate your party to attack faster and cause more damage during 30 seconds (the effect doesn’t apply to you), but it will motivate all the enemies to direct their attacks towards you.

  • Meat shield: redirects 50% of all the physical damage received by your allies to you, during 30 seconds.

  • Aid of nature: whistle to call a pack of five wolves to fight by your side during 5 seconds. Skill recharge: 15 seconds.

=> Passive skills

  • Titan strength: allows you to dual wield two-handed weapons, but the weapon damage is reduced to 70%. Additional points increase the damage and the attack speed when dual wielding 2handers.

  • Mountain skin: increases your defense and reduces the duration of stunning and paralysing effects.

  • Unbroken: 10% of chance to become immune to all damages during 3 seconds when hit by a critical strike.

  • Cold mastery: improves all the cold damage and adds cold damage to all of your attacks.

Interesting idea. The description sounds like from the game already. :slight_smile:

I really like the Titan Strength option. This would be awesome!