Suggestion of different controller mapping.

Hi, first of all, I apologize for any typo or error made on this text, English isn’t my mother tongue now let me explain my suggestion.

I see the controller mapping of Grim Dawn quite good, is, in fact, very comfortable to play even more than on keyboard for me at least. But I see something that the controller is lacking. A number of shortcuts, yeah I know there is passive activable spells that isn’t necessary to bind to a key but six shortcuts is a small amount.

My suggestion is using combinations of keys to expand the number of functional shortcuts. Now we have eight cells with only six buttons, one is for main attack and the rest are for differents spells. The keys for that shortcuts are the next ones.

If you are playing with DS4: L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle and X, L1 and R1 for potions.
If you are playing with XBO Controller: LT, RT, Y, X, B and A, RB and LB for potions.

My suggestion is not remove this shortcuts but to expand them so if you are playing with DS4 with my suggestion you will have: L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, X; L2 + Triangle, L2 + Square … ; R2 + Triangle, R2 + Square … and with this L1 and R1 combinations are unbind to any shorcut so you can use them if you want. The same way with XBO Controller.

So that is sixteen shortcuts more plus the original six, a total of 22, maybe is messy to play with all this shorcuts but we can get use to it with no doubt. Please, be nice, this was an idea that came to me remembering some games that have this kind of shortcuts for controllers, thanks for read.